Pay2Participate Content (New Raid Challenges). What do you think?


I wish I could Like this comment 1,000 times. I could not say it better.

I’ve been playing since Summer2017, and I have 6 players. I’ve seen this game change a lot, but most of it recently. The more they show offers in my face, the more I revolt. I have not spent a dime on this game since Jan 1st 2019, because of this new “give me more money” attitude that I feel. I twas not like this the first 12 months i played.


You are not the only player who feels that way. Not by a long shot.

Also to my mind, the game has been going in the direction of “grind, work, spend - more, more, more!” for quite some time now.

I got tired of it and left. So did several of my gaming friends, and some are on their last legs in the game. Others are no longer spending.

(I am talking about 4000+ team power players. So you can imagine how active and dedicated those used to be.)

And now the devs are considering to get their foot in the door to introduce pay to participate content. Not a good idea to my mind.

Grind, work, pay - and exactly for what?
What exactly do you receive for your trouble, your time and your money? Less and less in recent times. In my opinion and that of the gaming friends that I spoke with.

Pay to participate, for a “chance” of whatever? Naaaw…

Pay to gamble, for a chance of getting a decent hero, was annoying enough.

Sure, I used to spend 100 diamonds easily, for refills for farming and raiding.

But pay a fee to play a part of the game which is not accessible without paying? That is a whole different ballpark.

Naaawww …


If they do implement it behind a paywall (that is that high… 10 gems would be OK(ish)), I will leave… or at least stop buying.


This game is a little bit like a horror game. I enjoy the thrill and have a lot of fun but I’m always afraid of what happenes next :ghost:. Can I, as a f2p, participate in the new raid challenges? Am I further able to save up gems for a 10x pull after
6,5 months?


I was looking forward to an interesting twist on the game. Something that required strategy and a knowledge of your bench. That was going to keep enjoying the game.
Having to spend gems just to play really turns me off.


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@zephyr1, thanks for clarifying.

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As a CtP player, I have some nice heroes but miss out of most of them. I spend 10-20$/month wich is ok. The gems I get I use for invocations. It seems that this new game feature will make it easier to turn some of this gems inte assention items, insted of new heroes. This would suit my deck perfectly at the moment, but it seems to be a high risk of the balance beeing skeewed. Whats the point of all the time and money, if everyone can get maxad 5* with in a month or soo…
All in all, it might be an improvement for Me, but it seems like a risky move for SG.


100 gems to participate in an event, sounds fair as long as we know what the company rake is, like gaming venues, they publish their rake I.e 30%, and 70% of the entry are awarded to top 1%. Like summoning is SG oblige to publish their rake?
I’m sure we will have 1 million participants, 70 million gems available to top 1%, will we see top rank player walk away with 1 Million gems ? Maybe in the future we can gift gems to friends like some of Zynga games.
It’s a brave new world friends.


It seems entry fees will be there for this raid events… My request to SGG will just be to reduce the fees…
At 100 gems i would hardly be able to particupate in all the raid events, along with other stuff like doing summons in events and atlantis… i buy only the very cheap gem offers…
If i need to spend 100 gems for weekly raid events, then that would limit my ability to do summons for a chance at hero of the month or event heros… may be i will just pass some raid events…


But we already know the “rake”: 100%. Digital content costs nothing to make.

(The rewards do not include gems.)


Cost nothing to make, cost us to buy gems doc. My experience with Zynga game like poker, you pay tokens to enter a tourney like sit and go on a table of 9 the winner get 50% of the tokens 2nd get 2x return, 3rd get token back. I thought i would be nice to get gems as prize.
I can only dream.


In beta the rewards do not include gems. Some very handsome awards—tokens, emblems, Atlantis coins, battle items, crafting ingredients, and ascension mats. No gems.


in order to implement something of this nature their needs to be a large prize pool with significant items and set up so that anyone has a chance to win. with the rules being put in place and none replayability to maps this could be a very fun addition or one that really ticks of both crowd of players and could really put a kink in the wheel. with the raid,war,and titan chests being completely underwhleming at times this event needs to pay big


Can’t disagree with both Docs, I am going to start eating apples.


It’s a very bad move if that’s how it’s gonna be. Sigh. I’d be okay with paying some gems if there were some guaranteed decent rewards. But it’s just for top 100. I’m unlikely to be in the top 100 as the competition is going to be pretty fierce I imagine. I’m competitive but have neither the time, nor the deep pockets to compete for top spots. Never do that in challenge events either.


As long as it’s not critical to your game advancement,paying to participate really shouldnt be a big issue. Really no different than buying gems for pulls or deals with mats included.
Don’t want to pay, simply don’t participate.


I would pay 100 gems for elemental chests any day…

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Money , Money is all they want I will leave if I have to pay to play


I’ll say probably nothing new for a thread that has over 350 responses, but still want to throw my few cents.

First of all - you can get gems for free easily, so it is not really “pay to participate”. You are not required to have your credit card attached to the account and buy 4.99$ tickets. So I don’t think “pay to participate” is valid, at least not in a sense of paying as with real cash. You can save your gems for the event pull, or you can play in raiding - whichever you find more valuable for you.

Very likely these players who are at the stage of the game where you struggle to get ascension mats for your 4 star hero, or whose benches are with like 5 complete heroes + 10 briefly touched have nothing to look for in the raiding challenge anyway. I don’t think anyone rational expected that the weekly raiding challenge will be a way to progress faster for those with poor, incomplete rosters who struggle to even complete the rare quests or seasonal ladders. I feel like over a half of the rants in this topic were coming from such players (no offense meant - but really, I am sick of reading on these forums how unfair the game is and how badly it treats poor people).

I do understand though that entry fee for gems will make many people angry, especially after excitement people started having after the New Year features announcement. It’s not difficult to realize there’d be a lot of negativity in the player base after such feature is implemented, so I wonder what were the reasons for SG to seriously think about it. Obviously non-spenders will not suddenly start paying, and the cheap 2 play will continue to gather their precious gems for summons, as whatever the prizes for raiding challenge are, I guess they are not heroes and heroes is the resource you need for almost everything in this game. My only idea is that this is their response for “events are unfair and benefit only very narrow pool of players who figured it out and can afford it” issue, but still they want to avoid breaking havoc by throwing rewards at random people uncontrollably (sorry if there isn’t such a word!).

Me myself I wouldn’t mind paying 100 gems for participation, even if the low-end rewards weren’t that shiny. It’s like one less Atlantis pull per month. I could live with that. But I wouldn’t like if this game suddenly started being hated on and have massive exodus due to people overreacting.

Again, I do not know what their primary reason for thinking of entry fee was (and I - perhaps naively - believe it wasn’t for the poor cash grab attempt), but I do think it would make sense to make this weekly raiding event as part of VIP package, if they want the pool limited, but still allow non-VIP to participate by spending gems on the entry. It could be a fine compromise. Too bad the “entry fee” already leaked and too bad noone from SG said anything about it yet (“Calm down people, we are just testing our options, nothing has been decided yet”) - it already caused a lot of bad blood, most of it probably completely unnecessary.