Pay2Participate Content (New Raid Challenges). What do you think?

I just read that the new raid challenges will have a cost. Right now it’s in beta and the partecipation entry fee is 100 gems. Prizes for the top 100 are bigger than elemental chests.

To me, this is the biggest mistake SG/Zynga could ever make and it will be, in my case, a good reason to stop playing.
The advantage given to all the ones able to partecipate will be too big, much bigger than a constant lvl 12 titan farming.
Please devs, do the right thing and remove the entry fee. Even recalibrating rewards accordingly.


This is beta content… Everything is changeable there…

Please don’t start to make assumptions…


Well, we are not talking about the stats or the special skill of the new HOTM.
I know we shouldn’t discuss beta content but honestly I don’t even care if the entry fee will be 100 or 200 or 50. If pay to play content will be added, it will be the end for me.
It’s something so important for the balance of the game that needs to be discussed before it goes live.


Once again, nothing is definitive in Beta… The new raids came live last week only and we didn’t had the chance to discuss with devs nothing…

This kind of posts start panicking people all over the place just because they think it’s the end of the game now…

Nothing is definitive and everything is new so calm down please…


I know and I really put my hopes in all beta testers that care about the game and the playerbase more than their own roster and supremacy.
In the meantime, I will stop spending even a single cent in a game I will likely stop playing if things stay the same.


The people in Beta like me are strongly against the buy in to participate in the new raids…

We all know that the Small Giant Team needs revenue and they know that if they want everything fast the game will collapse…

We have to trust in the common sense from devs because Empires and Puzzles his their chicken that puts golden eggs…


The more people rioting the better. Its just messages, it wont really hurt, and maybe they dont even read the forums. They rarely or almost never reply anything direct to us in here anyway.

Styrge made a good point, maybe I wont play in a more p2w and now p2p game. The VIP from whoever bought the annual is ending. I dont want to go and spend more money if they are signaling the game is not going in a way I expect and I think its fair, since this game is changing in month or 2 basis, that I was a costumer know the direction the game will go.

I tried to be beta tester and could not, I think the problem is with SG not beta testers itself, but its obvious that beta testers, and most like their friends and alliance, have advantages over the regular people and this is a HUGE deal. They can plain had if they will spend money or not, who to ascend, where to spend the emblems, which restrictions for the future raid events can we expect, maybe start saving some high level 3* troops or even 2* for example and so on. They clearly have time to prepare and warn their friends to prepare too.

I derailed a bit, but the topic in here is part of a bigger problem. One P2W Beta tester can think about the collective or he can just think that 400 gems a month is nothing for him and it would give him an edge. SG problably listen for beta tester, since it would be pointless to never listen to them so a BIG riot on the forum about this could make a better message to them. We should be able an free to discuss things like that. They can just ignore us if they dont want to listen, but for me, as a community I will feel I had a voice and if they do something that lots of people disagree it will say much about them for me.


Pay to win is really annoying. Pay to play is just too much. I hope the devs won’t implement entry fees just for us to play new events.


This game has always prided itself on being able to be played by anybody, no matter your income level and to be able to accomplish anything in this game if you put in the time and effort (and have luck along the way)… I nfroducing “pay per play” content goes against the very basic tenant of this game. Pay per Play content, in my opinion, will further divide the Player base and could only do more harm then good to the game.


I want to thank you first for being a beta player who represents the needs of the community and devoting your time and energy in this endeavor. I can’t imagine that it’s easy.

With that being said, I do have a question. Since you’ve stated you don’t like the projected paywall, and you’re asking us not to make a fuss about it, do you think the beta players voicing their collective disapproval to the deva will be an effective way in preventing this paywall from going up?

If not, wouldn’t the forum community members, sharing their valid concerns en masse along with the beta players’ voices, be more convincing to the devs?


Lol actually this kind of stuff needs to happen

Without backlash from the community or problem finding ahead of time, we’d have more problems

True beta is still in testing and changeable which is exactly why i encourage the discussion While things are still easily changeable and not post release when SG is more likely to act like it passed through beta so all is well.

Pay to participate is ridiculous

If they’re trying to limit the runs people do in the events, then place a flag cap that is fair for all, not a fee that screws all.

Very relieved this thread was started. Didnt want to start it myself as my voice doesnt carry very far


Pay to Play will not only further divide the player base. A non neglishible part of the player base would be lost if pay to play would be implemented.


This is beta content for now, Too early to start making assumptions. @Kerridoc would you mind just nipping this at the bud?

It’s within the rules

No vids or pics have been shared


The rules have gotten stricter.

Rigs is right…it is when new content is being tested and easily corrected that issues like this need to be debated, and something as important as introducing pay per play content is something the entire player base should get an opinion on and not just a few selected people labeled as beta testers


This screams “crabs in a bucket” to me. We are having civil discussions on the impact a paywall would have on the state of the game, irrespective of this new content. Being shut down over “beta content rules” doesn’t really jive with the spirit of our discussion here.

Why does this need to be “nipped in the bud”?


I haven’t seen any rule changes. Last i heard about it from petri:

And the offical list of forum rules hasnt been updated since last august


It was not my intent to offend. It is just that these sort of discussions have a tendency to spiral into something non productive. And as this is beta content and not ‘‘reality’’ right now there isn’t really much to discuss.


Would it be better if the discussion is on paywalls in general, and not this specific event being tested? Something like…

What do we think about pay to play content’s impact on the game?