Pay to Win?


I see a lot of messages complaining that this is (or is becoming) a P2W game.

Now, to me, a P2W game as one (or both) of the following characteristics:

  • Objects/item/levels that are not accessible to F2P players
  • Players can get what they want if they pay enough money

To my knowledge, in E&P there’s nothing that is precluded to F2P players and even spending a fortune you can’t get the 5* you want.

Yes, the more you spend, the more you can accelerate things.
Yes, the more you spend, the highest the probability of getting that 5* you want. Or that ascension material, etc etc.

So, to me, it seems that top spenders just buy time (which, I agree, is the most precious good in the universe) so that they can have something before those that are spending less.

In the long run, a F2P can assemble a team that is just as powerful as the top spender (but in the veeeery long run we will all be dead).

If one wants to be as strict as saying that “winning” in E&P means:

  • to be the first in the player ranking
  • playing in the alliance that is ranked first
  • having all the 5* heroes (and 4* and 3* and 2* …) maxed
  • having all the buildings at the top,
  • etc, etc, …

then, I guess, nobody will “win” this game.

Personally, I set a limit to my spending and “winning” goals that are in line with that spending, then I leave the rest to Lady Luck.

If I ever want to go faster, I know I have to spend more. If I want to spend less, I know I will have to use days, weeks and months to get to the level where others are already.

Am I mistaken? Is there something that I can’t achieve (with proper time and luck)?


E&P is not as P2W as a lot of other games I’ve seen and certainly not as P2W as most players claim. Sure, one can spend several mortgage payments worth of cash trying to buy attempts at summoning heroes until they have all the best heroes they could ever want, but leveling them and gathering the ascension materials for them still takes the same time/effort a F2P player would need to put in. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the slow rate of material drops, but it’s that slow rate along with the randomness that helps level the playing field.

So yes, I think your assessment is correct.

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Thanks lexinen. I missed that post. Interesting.


Thoughtful post @Rael

The raison d’etre of a game, as opposed to a sport, is fun. Therefore the more fun you are having with the game, the more of a winner you are.

I am convinced that I am a top 100 player in this respect.


This game is p2w. Believe whatever you want.


Thanks for your deep analysis and fact-based reasoning.
It’s much clearer now!


This very same topic is being discussed in this recent thread:

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