Pay to Win Platform now

I have played a long time. Not as long as some but long enough to see that all these new updates have one thing in common. Pay money for extra loot including sometimes epic Ascension materials. I fear the game has become a pay to win platform making it near impossible for play to play/win individuals to compete against the higher ranks. I myself spend some and have decent bench/roster but I cannot say the same for all my alliance. It is sad they they put in so much work and effort for the game to constantly give them nothing in return until they spend money on things like upgrading or summons. The balance is is question in my opinion on most of the gameplay. Example: legendary Ascension material is supposed to be rare and random for all. Yet …2 years playing and I have 18 maxed Legendaries when some I know playing a year and a half have 40+ maxed legendaries…I cannot believe that they have bought twice the amount of say damascus blades necessary for the amount of heroes they have maxed. This is a balance issue and or something else that requires attention.


There’s a single player portion to this game. Rather robust.

Explain win? Pay to be better and stronger sure, but there no winning in this game

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I appologize. You are right in the sense of win. I guess a better word would be rank in certain things such as events and tournaments. And the higher the tank the better the rewards. Some who do not pay for anything cannot reach these rewards at all further setting them back on rewards obtainable through gameplay. Top 1-5% on events for example get really good Ascension loot and boosts to thier rosters. However as far as I know all in those ranks have spent alot of money to get the emblems, summons and Ascension material that out them there.

I just thought the game was built that way since the beginning. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If free & paying players are put on the same level, what are people paying for? Do you have another proposition for how SG can keep making money and still keep the game worthwhile for them?

I could be wrong, but I also think a lot of their ascension materials come from beating down 14-star titans


That’s a lot more fair. And believe me, it’s tough being in diamond and seeing all maxed emblemed heroes. Strangly enough, not all the event winners are the best of the best. Some save up axes and arrows and bombs just to get a top score. It depends on what your main focus is. I just shoot for a certain tier for extra loot, I know I don’t have the patience to land in the top ten.

Best of luck Jaq!

I never understood why people say there’s no winning in this game. We have three tiers of challenge event every month, each one of them having a winner. We have a weekly tournament that also has a winner. We also have a top position for raiders, even if #1 here is subject to perpetual change, hardly ever being held by one player for more than a few minutes. We also have an equivalent for alliances, which brings me to alliance wars, where also, usually, one side emerges victorious after 24 hours of battles. So, yes, you can win in this game.

Or maybe what you want is more accessible rewards. Not needing to be in the top 100 out of hundreds of thousands of players to get a useful 4* ascension item out of a challenge event. That would sure sound nice to me. Maybe get those once you reach a certain high score, regardless of what everyone else is reading. Sure, give free heroes & awesome prizes to the top 100 or so, but let us have what we need to max our heroes. That sounds good to me. Does that sound like what you’re going for?

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You can win a challenge event, you can win a war, you can win a raid. But winning “the game” you can’t. Board games have winners, this game has “best in one particual event”. For some it’s being ranked number 1, albiet for just a photo op. Some want to win by having the highest level.

Winning is subjective.

Funnily enough, four star materials are always the issue. They are the thing that is throttled back by SG because they are the key to their revenues. The heroes are readily obtainable really, but the means to ascend them isn’t. Asking for more easily obtainable materials in this game, guaranteed and quick, is directly the opposite of their business model, so don’t expect that


Yes. Thank you. There are winners. If not ever changing. Free loot…i.e. events…the best loot usually goes to the higher spenders that even with battle items takes alot of things to make them Including money. I personally have tried in event. Saved battle items for two months. Meaning I didn’t do well on Titans or use any items elsewhere those two months. My rank although good. Was not great. The top 1-5% to me is unreachable without stocking up for months and or purchase of challenge offers and other deals thought the weeks prior. Some may not see it. But the deals offered give such a boost to spenders it makes the competitive part very hard for non spenders. What can the game do to help this? I don’t know. I’m not a game developer. However an idea would be have future updates that solely help non spenders instead of constantly updating game with things like goblin balloon. Spend money to get the good stuff…other wise we will give you crude. The balloon should be free for all, and depending on crates accumulated depends on your loot role for all. Don’t get me wrong. Do I spend money? Yes. It’s my choice and I understand that. I’m speaking for those like a few in my alliance that cannot even seem to get lucky on free summons. One has played 6 months. Has w legendaries. And they are more active than I. And both Legendaries are nature lol

Not asking that. What I’m asking is if that’s the case. Make no ascending material able to be acquired by spending money. Like pick your Ascension. I know there are those who get this deal every time it comes up. So they have an advantage do they not?

Yes. I think it does. Making progress apart of having materials would help. For example season 3. Beat the province first time. Get that provinces Ascension materials.

I think we are saying the same thing really. They want people to pay. What’s the rarest and most valuable thing in the game? 4* materials. So it is the core of their business model to sell people that stuff

Essentially the game isn’t “Pay to Win” it’s “Pay to Accelerate”. All these things come to those who wait, but much slower than to those who pay. They rely on you looking at your alliance mates 40+ ascended fives to normalise the expense and do it or similar yourself in all these micro transactions so you can “catch up”.

But why do you need to?

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It makes no sense to compete against others in different leagues. It´s like a common runner tries to compete against Bekele.

They only sell ascension materials about once a month, right? And then you can only buy one? Since you need 6 to ascend one hero, that seems quite restricted to me.

Or are you thinking about those offers in the market where you spend gems on a chance at one? I don’t even look at those, so I’m not even aware of how available 4* materials are there.

If 4* materials were a key to their revenue, I’d think it’s because making them rare and offering them as top-level rewards gives people a reason to compete. I don’t fall into those competing few, but I suppose it makes sense that those few might be a large part of the game’s revenue.

The materials don’t even seem to be for sale often enough for them to be such a significant part of their income. Although… It is $20-$30, isn’t it? Yeah, I suppose I could see it

Yes people spend on gems and pulls. But in my view the key to keeping you playing longer is the general rarity of 4* materials. And if you play longer, you spend more

Why don’t casinos have a clock on the wall? Because the more you lose track of time, the longer you stay, and the greater the likelihood that you will do something dumb like give them more money. Apps like this always take over your phone/tablet and don’t show the clock - which is a different manifestation of the same thing

So I’m not saying they necessarily make their money out of 4* materials - they make it out of the fact that they make you wait for them


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