Pay to win is a no-no

Seems to me that the further I progress in the game, the difficulty level increases to where it requires purchases in order to level up. This does seem random meaning not on every battle. Random but not truly random if that jives?

I’m ok to spend some money. In fact, I have. But pay to win? I’ll be done in a split-second, no second thoughts. I hope the devs. respect that this is likely the attitude of most players.

Now, what a great game!!! LOVE IT!!!y oldest son plays too. Good stuff folks!!! Thanks!!

If you look around in the forums, you can find many a player who have spent nothing/almost nothing and have strong teams. It just takes more patience that way. It helps to know how to best utilize your training camps.


My son plays, too. I have more money and equip a better team. He is almost F2P and won the beginner level in the last challenge event. Yeah, he’s just better at the play part, and he’s beating P2P.

That said, you will NOT be a top 100 player on the trophies leaderboard if you never spend here. I don’t have a problem spending moderate amounts with SG, though, because I know it’s a small shop working hard on this game.

I’m a top 100 player on the trophies leaderboard. (Well, top 50-200, depending on the time of day.) I have spent a total of £2.99 on the game, so I guess I am not technically FTP, but I’m close.

And there is no reason I cannot significantly improve my team without spending anything more.

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I stand corrected, and I’m happy that it’s so.

My point remains, though: no app can stay completely F2P. You either get inundated with ads or need to have serious players cough up some cash.

I love that E&P does not inundate me with ads…a welcome difference from some other games I have played! :grin:

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Well that would still be the screamer if there is still advertising in the game, during which one vlt is still in the fight … So I think then I would not be active here because that would only interfere with the advertising

This surely is a pay to win game. Or i have to say “it become”.
At first it was just a matter of patience, and later in the game even F2P eventually may catch big spenders as the heroes are the same.

Now HotM and event heroes totally change this chance.
Maybe someday they will be avalaible like normal heroes, but for now if you miss some heroes you can’t compete.

Not for the top spots. Not now, not in the future.

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IMO, and I have seen many a game evolve that had this problem, it was an early playtest issue - there weren’t enough strong players playtesting things in a manner that top tier gamers do. This is evidenced clearly by the varying “nerfs” to Athena [nerfs is in parentheses not because she wasn’t nerfed, but because there’s still a clear damage differential between have-Athenas and not-have’s]. Early HOTMs (particularly Hel and Athena) are/were clearly MUCH MUCH stronger than stock 5*s and clearly no one playested the jackal/falcon/panther + athena combo in the slightest.

This is fairly common to new games that involve combos. Most of the early CCGs had this problem (see Magic the Gathering)

That has since been rectified by the expansion of the beta program to include lots of strong players giving honest feedback. I doubt you’ll see any must have’s in the manner of Athena/Hel again.

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