Pay to play?

Why have the war score suddenly increased by 40 to 50% we were banking about 100 points for a 4K team. Now it’s 130 points?

I was keeping track of the vast discrepancy in scores between matchups, this change has significantly shown disparity between alliances. We went from 50 point average per alliance member per strike, now we are at 75?

The increase of points do not matter. Instead of increasing scores, why not just fix the (obviously controlled) ‘randomness’ of the boards. Especially to team outlier players.

It is apparent what team will win prior to the war, by the number of HOTM’s they have.

I’m a f2p player, and have been for Well over a year now. I was a p2p player for 2 years prior. I can tell the difference in the boards when I pay and do not. TC 20’s spit out a significant amount more 5*’s to paying players than not. Raids have been much worse luck if I don’t pay.

Make the game fun again. Make it balanced.
Fix the RNG so it is actually random.

Every alliance is worth 1500 points

Points are distributed by amount of health each team has

More health = more points
Less health = less points


All I know is that in a 30 vs 30, the average score value of each player would be 50 points. The variation of the points depend on the defending team’s total health. Thus, it would appear that some players may have a score value of 51 or higher while some fellow players may have a score value of 49 or lower. This is because the team with the highest total health would net attacker the most score value even if the player level is not the strongest player on the alliance.

If there would be lesser player from both opposing teams, say 29 vs 29 or 28 vs 28 or lower, the score value of the each defending team would be higher than 50. The lesser the number of players involved in the war, the higher the score value of each defending teams. Again, the score value depends on the total health of all heroes on that war defense.


The lower-powered teams are likely worth proportionally less because there is a larger variation in defense team health than you’re used to.

For me the RNG is actually random. Random does not mean evenly-distributed.


@nevarmaor uhmmm… in our wars, i am the only player with a 4600ish TP, yet i am behind 2-3 points to a fellow co-member who has a TP of 4400iah. She has more total health than mine even if my heroes have higher emblems than her heroes.

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Random is evenly distributed over time.

But why has there been such a significant raise in value of war victory points?

More points per flag aka more succesful attacks

Higher ppf a team gets, the more total points they have at the end of the war, which means they had more succesful attacks(typically more succesful 1 shots since fails especially fails of 10 points or less drop ppf very substantially)

Say opponent team is worth 1500 pts per full board

Can flip like 6x max

So potential to hit 9k

9k ÷ 180 = 50 ppf

50 ppf is basically highest potential outcome

Each flag used that scores less than 50 points per flag, drops the possible points per flag outcome

So you’ll see potential 50 ppf fluctuate throughout the war and typically end up between 30 and 40 ppf

And total scores end up between 5400 and 7200

This is all pertaining to 30/30 vs 30/30 alliance wars(tho I’m sure it applies to any member count i can’t be 100% sure without jumping thru every scenario)

So in short, higher total scores = better a team played


Team power plays no part in determining the point value of a team. It’s all about the HP total of all the heroes. So, identical teams where one team used crit troops (that increase HP) and one using mana (does NOT increase HP), the one using crit troops will have higher points.

Just to clarify on the “board is worth 1500 points.”

If you’re an alliance of 10 vs an alliance of 10, each team will be worth an average of 150 points each (10x150=1500). If one of your members has a high-powered team, and one has a very low-powered team, the points will be distributed according to team HP.


Yeah main reason why crit troop has had more points than the same level mana troop.

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For us, we really don’t worry too much about splitting hairs enough to not use a crit troop just because it raises health. We encourage players to put out their highest troops and emblems. I still prefer a crit under my tank for the increase in % of defense stat


Crit troops allowed the healers to stay much longer on the field. While mana troops help the snipers big time. But both just dissappear into the dark world of stacking/mono. Bad or good board dictate the points and we’re loving it!

Uhmmm, yes, it is defense health that determines the points distribution, not team power.


Yes, but do you know how much time that requires? A lot more than a few matches. A lot more than a few thousand matches.

There are plenty of existing topics discussing matchmaking in wars & how it works… Includes constructive ones, venting ones and pre-existing Request threads.

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