Pay to play

Dont want to sound like a jerk but when I pay $90 for 3 ten pulls and get all 3 stars compared to someone who just saved up free gems and get 4 five stars on a ten pull you kinda make it where I’m done spending money. Congrats there will probably be more that will stop spending

That’s why I don’t spend. I’ll get here is eventually. Might earn at slower pace but I’ll have lots of leveled heroes to choose from.


And that’s ok. I was just saying there is no reward in spending. Like you said best bet is to just save.

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I spend for a VIP pass, but spend the rest of my small mobile gaming budget elsewhere.

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Yep VIP is the only true value for your $ in this game except for some of the really good deals that pop up every once in a while.

I have the same problem

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