Pay more gems for color specific portal summons

The title is pretty self explanatory, I’d say double the gem amount for us to be able to choose a color to summon from the portal (outside of just season 1 heroes). A lot of us are element heavy and element weak as far as heroes. Give us an option to double down to get what we need

This is a great idea!

I think the beauty of the game is the variance of heroes each player may own, and even though a player may have not the best heroes there are available in the game, yet they still make ways to emerge victorious in raids, raid tourneys and war battles. Otherwise, if everyone has those same hero every player has, the game will lose its appeal.

Of course, I still do covet Hel, Zeline, Zimkitha, Finley, Jabawock, Kingston, White Rabbit, Black Knight and several costumes of S1 heroes and other event and seasonal heroes, including those from the Ninja Tower, I resigned to the fact that I won’t get them all. Only players with unlimited resources may attempt of doing that and may get successful at it. But this game is not Pokemon where you have to collect them all.

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My point isn’t really searching for specific heroes. In my particular case I have 14 blue 5s (not all maxed of course and some are duplicates) and only 5 red 5s. It would just be nice to have a way to even out my roster a bit without just using the season 1 elemental summon and get more of the same heroes.

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