Pay money to buy Atlantis Heroes

I think the main thing here is patience. Spending money vs not spending money. You will get the heroes you want, but it may take a long time. Spending money gives you more summons, yes, but not better odds. I have 8 or 9 of the Atlantis heroes, most of them 4*, and I didn’t spend anything, I just saved up my gems, grinded day after day, then spent them when the Atlantis portal was up. The only heroes you can really risk not owning eventually are the hotm, as they are limited (but with Atlantis portal adding previous hotm, even that has changed). Every other hero, if you play long enough, build your TC’s to lvl 20, spend your gems smartly, you will get. If you’re not patient, this game is not for you. If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it because you have a 1% chance of drawing a 5*, and that doesn’t change with $100 and it doesn’t change with $0. Good luck.

I didn’t need 3 of Ameonna, but I got 3. Just be patient, they will come.

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@Sarapatel how you get Atlantis Heroes in limited time.

@Devilution how many days do you get Atlantis Heroes.

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@ devil /sara , how many pulls to get this roster guys? just by curiosity :wink:

@jejalpha @Jate I saved enough gems for a 10 pull and then gained enough Atlantis coins for 3 or 4 more singles. So 13 or 14 total. The other summons I got that weren’t atlantian were all 3*s.

@Jate I did a 10 summons in the first hour of season II, then the other 3 or 4 summons were throughout the next 32/48 hours.

I think it hard to do.

I did three summons with the coins I earned and got 2 x Cochin and 1 x Mnesseus (sp, probably). I didn’t buy any more Atlantis summons. Personally, I don’t think 350 gems is worth it because of the “regulars” thrown in there.

Mad Mare (Maddie)

Completely agree. For 350 it should be Atlantis exclusive. That’s the RNG Gacha system for ya.

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