Pay money to buy Atlantis Heroes

I pay the money for diamonds to buy Atlantis Heroes, but why you give me 3 star Heroes. I pay 2 times, I think it is not fair to players who pay money. My opinion the players should select heroes as they want. Everything expensive, difficult to find in the game. The developer should adjust game easy to find items.


You are playing the wrong game. Sorry.


Translation (Portuguese): But I agree that there should be a better chance for the buyer.

Dont fool yourself. You need pay through your nose to get decent hero. Read the forum, on average 50 pulls are not enough.

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Same happened to me. I got Carver, which I’ve got at least 5 other times and how is Carver even an Atlantis summon?

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Yes. Sometime you want the new heroes but they give the repeated heroes as you adjust to maximum power.

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“Paying for what you want” does two things:

  • Drives up prices on all
  • Makes game “pay2win”

I also want a higher occurance of “better” heroes in Summons, but I don’t want the game to shift to only service those with money, especially since I’m “cheap2play”. :wink:


They put together the same ordinary heroes amongst the Atlantis. The quantity of those non-Atlantis heroes is almost 350%, thus the chance to get Atlantis heroes is very low. At the end of the day you will pay more fore the ordinary heroes that you can get on the 3*, 4*, 5* summon gate.

not to respond to a 27 day old post, but since someone else did…Rook, if prices went up but you actually got something you wanted, instead of paying less but getting almost nothing of value most of the time, can you really say that’s worse? I’d rather save my gems and cash and actually get something of value less frequently, than waste money on the current bad-odds roulette.

If you’re a newish/lower power player then almost anything will improve your team, but in the current RNG garbage model, you’re mostly paying money for trash. Literally ANYTHING else would be better.


I got you and agree totally.

However, I guess that you didn’t understand my point. I got 14 Atlantis heroes already, but I‘ve paid more then I expected, because they are astonishing minority among those same ordinary heroes that I pulled off instead of them. They could be more expensive, but the Atlantis summon gate should not bring up anything else than Atlantis heroes.

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I was responding to Rook, not your post, but yes that falls in the category of “once you’re have a bunch of stuff, RNG based spending gives you mostly worthless stuff”. My basic premise is that we already have a “pay 2 win” scenario where leaderboards where they have them (alliances, events, individual leaderboard) are primarily topped with spenders. Degree of spending can vary, but they are spenders.

The real problem is the level of spending to get anything of value at a certain point is so high, it’s laughable. For most people at the top, if you bought $100 worth of gems (10,000 gems) that’s 3-4 10x pulls, which is almost always going to give you nothing of value. Why should people spend money on a crazy RNG which is really only lip service towards preventing pay to win, it’s primarily designed as pay to continue paying.

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I’m all for making the RNG drop more frequently. I don’t think that’s my call though. :thinking:

@Sarapatel please show me your heroes caster/heroes team.

In my opinion, I still have to convince that players who pay money to buy gems and or get from fight and collect from mission should select heroes by themself. Not from random that give lower heroes. It is not valueable to pay.

You shouldn’t be playing this game if you’re expecting a guaranteed return on gems spent at all times.


@KLinMayhem you can not stop me to play. Everybody think like me.

By all means, keep on playing, keep on buying gems, and keep on spending them expecting something guaranteed!

@KLinMayhem show me your hero caster.

I don’t understand why you need to check ppls heroes, but here I’m showing you the Atlantis heroes that I got:

I think that it’s unlikely that you’ll convince the developers to change the entire way that heroes are obtained (and that the game is monetized).

It seems as though you’d be more productive leaving the game and not giving the developers money if you feel that the game doesn’t provide you value for what you spend.


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