Pay by phone bill

Please fix your charge to phone payment method, it works on all other games except this one.

I don’t know what country you are from, but purchasing something in-game using your mobile phone’s network is possible here in the Philippines. For prepaid account, I just load some cash in and that can be used not only for calling, texting, mobile internet, but also for charging in-game purchases. And I am pretty sure the same is applicable on post-paid accounts. Maybe you will have to contact your mobile carrier for this arrangement, I dunno.


The game uses the Apple App Store or Google Play Store exclusively. How you provide funds to them is up to you, not the game.

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I dont use apple phones, I use Samsung and up until 2 days ago it worked fine, now charge to phone won’t work on only this game so its not on my end.

Yeah im uk and put money on my phone to buy deals. You prob do have to contact your phone network to sort this.

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Unfortunately it’s working on my end, getting shocked every month. :see_no_evil:

Is it possible that you have recalled or been refunded for a payment from SG? I have had a similar problem with another app where Google Pay didn’t accept this payment method for this specific app after I have been refunded for a wrong payment request.

I just checked and those are the options that I have on my Samsung S10e:

  • card
  • phone bill (even tho’ I’m prepay)
  • redeem code

I don’t have that phone bill option available and frankly i don’t want it. It would not be something that SG sets up though. How did you set it up initially?

I set it up through “my verizon” billing options for my phone, yes I checked all of that, I have a 280$ limit and it just restarted the cycle, I’ve talked with Verizon and all is good on my end, and all other games bill to my phone flawlessly as did this one until 2 days ago. I’m perplexed to say the least and thank you all for your help.

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It is perplexing. I hope you get it straightened out.

Did you try opening up a support ticket to see what SG says about it?

They never reapond with anything except ty for your ticket

I’d be trying to get some support from Google Play Store, at the very least they should have, at least, a suggestion. As others have noted, none of us can communicate with SG outside a support ticket and they can get cranky at times.

I have talked to Google, and to Verizon and all is good on their end as proven by other purchases on other games, the issue is with this game and I’m told I have to contact them but I get no response, which is wierd because I spend a lot of money on this game consistently…FML!!

I have tried communicating but they seem intransigent when they have decided an issue is closed. Pro Tip, don’t lose your cool with them.

Suggestion would be to provide usual identifiers and such as far as you can to SG, then explain the steps you have taken so far. (doing this on a PC will be easier than a phone)

I’m having the same problem. Checked and double checked Verizon and Google Play accounts. Really need to get this issue resolved ASAP.

Figured it out! Go to Google Pay and remove your phone number as your payment method. Then go to make a purchase in the game and select your Verizon number as the payment method. Worked perfectly!


They fixed it finally, ty for all the help!


I always buy on invoice

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