Pause Titan fight


Hello Forum and Small Giant Team,

I was wondering why there is not chance to pause a titan fight. As you know we all have a real life and when I am in a fight and suddenly I am interrupted, I have no chance to pause. Could you suggest to add a pause button or similar? For sure you can also hide the board so that noone can use this button to guess the next best swap in patience… THX!


Great idea. They’d have to throw a Game Paused screen up to hide the board, so that people couldn’t abuse the feature to pause the game repeatedly while plotting moves. Also I’d suggest a one-use only button.


Agreed 100% - this was my only concern. My 4 year old sucked 30 seconds off a fight last week, I was well on my way to a new high score if I got to finish!


Thank you for your replies and likes. Hope more will follow :smile:


I’d just screen shot it before pausing.

1:30 isn’t a large amount of time to dedicate and worst case even missed flags aren’t a substantial issue let alone a hit cut short with 30 members in an alliance.


Haha right… leave your alliance and go to one where 10 hit the titan and you always have to use a flask to keep it from fleeing… oh and without your super leveled heroes too… the OP idea was nice enough thinking about all the community. Not fair to say low about a titan flag that on your alliance is not a great need… I have missed titans with 2600hp… only one more flag would be the day saving


I was simply pointing out an alternative opinion; pause button unequivocably cheapens the game play in my estimation and I stand by my assertion that one wasted flag isn’t a huge deal.

In your situation, if you have 10 members in your alliance, go fix that if it’s a problem; or learn to let them escape every so often to step back to a prior tier, or even call in merc support if you’re gung ho about doing it in your current form. Or simply be OK with the issue as it sounds like a deliberate choice to me.

There’s lots of solutions for that which don’t include a pause button.


Not a fan of the idea, mainly because it would be too easy to abuse. It’d be way to easy for people to pause in order to optimize each hit, at which point you might as well have titan battles let you make 20 moves instead of lasting 90 seconds. Even if you blacked out the screen or limited people to 1 pause, it would still defeat the purpose of titan battles rewarding quick thinking and reflexive skill. In general it isn’t hard to find a 90 second window when you won’t be interrupted, and the cost of an occasional time loss is much less than the cost of potential abuse in my opinion.


agreed. plan your work, work your plan. find the time and place to initiate battle.