Pause Button, etc

Something I would really like to see is a pause button. During battles, it would be really nice to have a button with the ability to pause the current game, turn on/off sounds and music, and other settings. I lot of times, I start an important battle only to realize I forgot to turn the music off, and it interrupts the music I’m already listening to. Disabling it without having to flee from the battle would be excellent.
Also, the pause feature would be nice for Raids as well. Often I need to close the app mid-raid to do something important, and when I come back, I’ve lost because the timer ran out :frowning:

I’m going to second this after all these months,
Mostly I’d like to have control over the music / fx
I usually play with them off, but sometimes I feel like immersing into the game and…well…I can’t until its over.

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