Pattern in the raids

I lost to the below guy and I didn’t even take out one of his heroes. This is why I say the game at time cheats. I’m noticing a patteren when it comes to the raids, you win and then you start to lose even to weaker teams. I believe the Gabe goes this to make you spend money. Just my thoughts and opinion

It happens. Boldtusk is no pushover tank, and alongside Kiril, the healing plus attack and defense boost your opponent’s team gets could make it a difficult match unless you double stack ice heroes and focus on the healers.

It’s quite easy to call the game a cheat, but without seeing how the game was played, and how your board stacked up, I would say let it go, move on, and just blame it on a bad board.


You won’t always find yourself winning when you have a higher TP than your opponent. BT can be tough, he’s quite beefy and hard to take down and that’s what makes him such a great tank, so it’s understandable why you lost and that’s okay. Also, your strongest character is green and that’s weak on BT. Bad boards will happen too. Cups don’t really matter anyway unless you’re shooting for the Top 100, so don’t fret about it. You’ll win some, and you’ll lose some.


You are using a rainbow team and their tank is BT with heal and buff.

If you dont have enough blue tiles or stack blue heroes in your case, you will not kill BT fast enough and he will keep on healing his team.


I know I’ll lose some and win some, the cups don’t matter to me. What was frustrating was the fact that I didn’t take out any of his heroes, I found that part very odd. I was winning raids until it was time to collect heroes for the chest, then i started losing. I just thought maybe it was the game making me lose. Thanks for the advice

You’re that was another problem I was having, his team kept healing it’s self.

A tip for you when raiding. Check your team if you have the right heroes to take down their tank.
If you dont, then dont bother attempting and waste your flags.

Usually once tank is down you can try to ghost tile in the middle.

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That can be frustrating, especially while you’re trying to finish your raid chest for the day and have to wait an hour to give it another go. I just wanted to make sure you knew that it happens, especially early on with a BT tank. Like previously suggested, I would stack blues (if you have them) to take care of that problem before he gets a chance to buff the rest of the team. Good luck!

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Now I just lost to this one, I only took out one of his guys and it was the BT. This is two in a row, this is what makes me wonder about this game :joy: image

Gunnar is a tough one too. Anyone who buffs the whole team can be problematic early on. I would avoid teams that you struggle with and spend the food to reroll if you can afford it. It’s much easier to fill your raid chest when you’re choosing a team that your team can easily counter. If you do better with a certain color, or certain type of tank, I would search for them to avoid any further frustration. Obviously it won’t always work, but it’ll give you a better shot, and hopefully you’ll at least be killing some of theirs before the loss.


If you have another 3* or higher you’d probably be better off using that in place of Zudak who I suspect is only in your line up to go full rainbow. Colour stacking works really well in raids, not just on titans. I get that it can be alarming to see 1’s and Hero Missing when tiles unrepresented by heroes hit but you will benefit more than you lose especially if your stack is strong against their centre.

Who else do you have in your roster?

I’m working on leveling up the below, I try to switch some out here and there but with out them bring a ended they are defeated pretty easily

Have you tried using bane/karil/balthazar/melendor with either oberon or wu kong? Personally I’d go for wu kong, although he can be a bit squishy you’ll still gain from the stacking with bane and if you get his special off you should hopefully tear through most defences

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I’ll try that thank you

From your list of heroes, I’ll work on Valen asap. His fast attack and -defense will get you a long way till you establish a stable team of 4*s.

Hawkmoon too… Never enough healers out there…

Brienne is great against titans, but you have Wu. Still, you may want to get her up for challenge events.

Brienne is not only great against titans - she adds attack to all heroes in raid as well.

@Ugrslice - I would suggest you level Hawkmoon, Brienne and Valen as quickly as possible. And use Gunnar in your team, instead of Zudak for the time being.
You are not losing because the game has a pattern, you are losing because you are not choosing your hero team in your best interest

not ok:

  • you use a green healer (debuff is ok) to take down boldtusk…
  • you dont have buffers - in attacking raids this is a big big help; plus he doesnt have cleaner(own debuffers)

if you go with this comp you have to be lucky
and from my pov lucky means:

  1. start by killing kiril with a lucky 3-4 green vertical tiles
  2. after that your red is weak, but if lucky take down carver… or ghost in the hole and prepare debuff for melendor
  3. if carver is dead you have left side to ghost tiles and charge your fast heroes
  4. from here you should have a chance of winning…

seing your roster i would replace zudak with gunnar
and also use wukong… maybe instead of balthazar > i know he is dealing insane damage for 2.2k tp, but you have to focus taking down red with 2 blues… blue with 2 blues and a green… dark with 2 holy; after you have the 3 middle tiles for ghosting… should be an easy ride…

Don’t use rainbow teams to raid, your tile damage will do basically nothing especially if they have healers up front. I’ve been using 3-2 setups the past couple weeks and very rarely lose, even against teams with 500 more team power than me.

Counterpoint: I almost always use a rainbow team to raid (except when facing Guin and when I’m just messing about). I think colour stacking is overused and can lead to unnecessary losses. I think it’s more important to use heroes with the right specials to complement each other and counteract your opponent.

But, if you find you are losing to particular tanks consistently, or if your best heroes are all the same colour, then stacking might provide a solution. Ignoring it as an option is a mistake.

I’ve personally found stacking colors to improve my success rate significantly. If you triple up on the tanks weak color a single tile does like 300 damage and that’s before buffs or debuffs are applied. I’ve never gone back to rainbow because a tile doing 50 damage is a struggle to win.

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