Patience, trial and error

Thank you to all (and you know who you are) that have assisted me learning just how this game works. I was shocked to see that you (I guess) moved on from the ALLIANCE I met you in. Best of luck to ya’, Wish you well

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What does this to do in General section?
If there is no question or even information about who they are you are talking about them?

Hey there, sorry for the confusion. I had assistance from you and another member was not sure if I was allowed to state the user name, left the ALLIANCE that I am in, just wanted to thank them for their assistance and wish them well going forward.

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Not me if you are talking about alliance mates … I am in my own alliance for a while now.
But If It was me by any how.
I am glad to help any time bro.

An ALLIANCE member with in the group I am in, led me to this site. When I returned after recieving the advice, direction I was looking for, apparently they left the ALLIANCE not saying a word. I just wanted to thank them, and wish them well going forward.

If you are praising an alliance (no sarcasm), then you can name them. If this thread is a clever attempt at naming and shaming an alliance you are no longer friendly with, that will be shut down.

Without a name, this thread is unfortunately purposeless. Please adhere closely to Forum Rules when naming another player or group.

Ok, sorry Rook, I am in no way name shaming any member at all. The members name is SharMac56. I just wanted to thank her for all of the assistance she has given me. As far as following the rules, I have no issue with that. I’m still finding everything out.

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Any praising of a fellow player is welcomed, and welcome to the Forum. :slight_smile: