Pathfinder and Puzzles

I’m a Pathfinder GM planning to make a Campain based around Empires and Puzzles. This is the first of what will hopefully be the entire cast of E&P in PF form. I’ll be treating star level as tier (1-stars LVL 1-4, 2-stars LVL 5-9 etc).

Boldtusk M Orc Inspiring Warlord (Fighter/Bard) 15 (

+4 Spiked Breastplate, +4 Spiked Gauntlets of Cat’s Grace, , Belt of Bear’s Constitution +6, Ring of Protection +3, Boots of Haste, Amulet of Clarion Call, Ring of Greater Magic Fang
Ferocity, Orc Weapon Familiarity, Darkvision 60ft, Reckless Climber, Dayrunner

S/19/4 D/18/4 C/18/4 I/12/1 W/13/1 H/20/5

BAB 15 CMB 19 CMD 31


HP 270 AC 26 FF 22 T 17 Spd 30 ft

+5 Defiant Allying Longsword +27/+27/+22/+17 2d4 + 12
+4 Heavy Spiked Wooden Shield of Bashing +25 1d12 + 7
Bite + 22 1d4 + 6

Strategic Commands 10/Day

Inpire Courage 5 Rds
Weapon Training 2: Heavy Blades
Tactician 3/Day
Gather Crowd 5 Min.
Cry of Doom 5 Rds
Inspire Greatness 5 Rds
Incite Violence DC 23 15 Targets, 15 Rds
Cooperative Combatant 5 Allies

Favored Class Fighter: Add +2 to the Fighter’s Constitution score for the purpose of determining when he dies from negative hit points.

Toughness, Iron Will, Weapon Focus and Specialization: Heavy Blades, Battle Cry, Dazzling Display, Combat Medic, Shield Focus, Improved Shield Focus, Greater Shield Focus, Razortusk

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