Pathetic loot

Hi guys. I think it’s time that you stop luring your gamers with fraudulent practices. I really want to report it to Google. You guys show expected loot with ascension items or epic troop or epic hero tokens. In reality you get nothing at 1%. This really not acceptable. If you are not going to compensate for it then I must report this game to local government too

Screenshot_20190706-101915_Empires no ascension items 1no epic hero or epic troop token. This is purely cheating. Look at all different expected loot pictures by you. At 1% you never showed what I got

It’s not cheating but your bad luck. What you see is only example loot but there are also odds revealed

Please read the description carefully - the loot is randomized.

I’m sorry you didn’t get great rewards. Happened to me multiple times. But it’s not a bug, just randomness and bad luck.


It really isn’t worth the time. Here’s my 1% reward. Good to get a 7th reset emblem I suppose but 10 emblems and a chainmail shirt?

If they could just fix the matchmaking soon, this is annoying. I think it’s wrong that I probably can’t even end up top 100 in 3* and 4* tournaments because my first pairing gives too few points. The reason behind it seems to be no emblems used at all on 3* and 4* heroes. With 5* heroes I would have been in top 3 the first day if I had won all games but one unfortunate board messed it up so a hero lived and I ended up with 4-1. The weird thing though is that I was still at like place 270. In a 4* tournament with a record like that I would have been maybe at place 14.000.

Let’s not turn this thread into another rehash of our dissatisfaction with the (really pretty crappy) tourney loot. There are lots of threads for which that is the primary topic.


Well the title is called “Pathetic Loot” :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Hmm. Check out history. Why did the “system” remove my quote?

If you got a 7th Reset Emblem, then I’d say RNG is working pretty well in your favor. :wink: Odds on those are overall pretty low.


If you quote the entire post directly before yours, it’s automatically removed.


Hi moderator, this is not bad loot. If you advertise ferrari and you pay for it. Would you accept a fiat 500 instead. I am not here to write blog or thread. I need answer of my complain.

To participate in the tournament was free. So which part of the ferrari did you pay for?

Moderators are players like us, and in reading this thread others have tried to explain the loot is random, the pics show an example of possible loot.

Is there another answer you are waiting for?


No it is not fraudulent. They present only example loot and they reveal exact odds for particular items.
If you buy national lottery ticket because they advertise you can win $10,000,000 but you don’t win anything, do you say the lottery is fraudulent? I don’t think so.


Can you explain where the game promised you anything? … the odds are right there ? Odd attitude towards a game that is technically free to play. Reporting it will get you no where sorry


Also while you are on Google, search RNG, it may help you understand it a little better.


If I could “like” your response twice I would lol


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