Pathetic hero summons- Knights of Avalon event

I am one of those people who enjoy the game, the frustration gets too much sometimes but other times I enjoy it, I enjoyed the fact that getting 4*/5* was not easy and that you have to grind a bit to get somewhere. I was a spender i Game of War and after that game I decided to cool down on games that consume your whole life and salary. I decided to play E&P and not tp spend. I have mostly just been badluck in this game with hero pulls. This is my 4/5month of playing. Big was the excitement as i was ready to do a pull when the event opened a couple of minutes earlier, thought if i pull a hero quickly I might be lucky. I fooled myself- getting a stupid hawkmoon…after i already have one on hand and previously drawed 2. I wasted 300 gems on crap…yes its a game of luck but this is getting rediculous…rather give me a rubbish 3* and i will be a less sad and angry than giving the same crap heros over and over again. I am so dissapointed right now…might as well done the elemental summon…the same crap heros are available there. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Sorry, but the odds are not good on any single draw. I did a 10x pull (2600 gems) and got Sartana, Merlin and Guinevere, which is extraordinarily good luck. Odds of a 5* are something around 4%.


I also did a 10x summon, and then an additional one,
got 10 3* champions and 1 4*, deleted the game right after. Thats enough of nerves wasted on a single game. I did quite a few elemental summons earlier, been patient for several months, I even gave them some money which eventually turned out to have been thrown down the drain. Never got a single 5*. They don’t respect their players, if they did they would add some kind of hidden limits, like a 100% for a 5* on a summon if you dont get any in, say, 30 summons in a row. If you have just raw 2 or 3% on getting a 5* you may not get it ever, not even in a 100 rolls. Never again small giant’s game.


I could not have set it better myself, got two 4* through epic tokens from the time I have started playing, I was hoping since I did not have any luck getting decent 4* and never a 5* that maybe I would have better luck since my luck is bad in general ( thought the same …maybe after so many bad draws this could be a good one) but it did not happen. I thought maybe If I draw within the first few seconds of the event that I might be lucky ( maybe the game mechanics give the best draws first and the worst later) but even that did not happen. My first impulse was to delete the game…“come on been playing a while now” but after the frustration, sadness and anger has settled i decided to keep on playing until such a time when they make the game just for spenders because afterall it is rare that you get a game where you still have a fighting chance as a non spender and it is a great game so for now I am still around, just hope I can get enough gems before this event ends for another draw😢

I think I’m in the lead. I saved all my gems from December and got the 99 cent offers on top of it. I figured I had to get just ONE card to be excited about!


6400 gems and 24 cards later (2x 10 draw, 4 single draws) and I have nothing to help my team. Not an event hero, not a 5 star, no hotm…

I was extremely surprised by my luck. This is the first time I did a 10x pull and I got


and then a mix of various 3*. I feel like used up all my luck for the month!

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I know how you feel - I actually spend some money on this game and just did a 10x special event summon and got 8 3* heroes and 2 4* one of which I already have fully ascended. Super disappointing. I also did a couple of other single pulls with similar results…this blows

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You must feel horrible…i certainly would

That sucks, but if the draws were too easy the whole game would be in a different league. I will accept that as a good reason to keep playing…but SM better not make it easier for new players (in the futute )to pull decent heros because that would be a slap in the face after all the struggles and heartaches we have been through :slight_smile:

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If you spend money, draw 10 is the only way to go. I am working on maximizing my formation to attack the Titan. After that is finished I am going to work on raids. Never get rid of a 3★ card unless it is a duplicate.

I want to share with you my summoning history over playing for 6 months or so, some good, others not.

I have done about 10 single summons back when I was new. From these I got Sartana, Gormek, Skittle, Sonya, Chao and the rest 3*.

I did two 10x event summons on Guardians - I got 2 Jackals, Boldtusk, and Caedmon with the rest 3* across two.

I did a 10x dark summon - I got Quintus, Domitia, Rigard, Sabina, CyprianX2 and the rest 3*

I got Ares and Perseus from free tokens the game gave me.

I just did a 10x event pull for Knights and got 10 3* (at least I got a few I can use to max specials that were at 7/8 if I were to share the very dim bright side of this one).

You have to take the long, patient approach with this game, and accept that you can have GREAT luck or POOR luck. It is an RNG game after all when it comes to everything that happens; summons, loot, boards, etc.

I mean I think that I have shown the best possible things (free HOTM from epic tokens I didn’t pay for) to great luck (10x Dark pull), to ‘normal’ luck 2 10x Guardians pull to the worst luck - 10x Knights pull - all 3*.

Another RNG sidebar - on TC 13 I went from having 1 4* produced in 80 tries to 4 more being produced by the time I hit 90.


I also did a 10x pull today and got sartana, elena, nat, lancelot, and Merlin. So I was pretty happy. I have had bad luck in the past, but this was a good pull.

3x5* + 2x4* in 1x10 pull? “Lucky” doesnt even begin to describe it. It is the equivalent of calling the Pacific “a small body of water”


See the balance? I got hosed, Liono got the rewards :slight_smile:

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It does heal the “wounds” reading that there are others struggling too and some are spenders. This give me the satisfaction knowing that this game is a true RNG and the odds are stacked against everyone…no one is benefiting more than the other and it seems that it is really based on poor or good luck.

I have been grinding the past couple of months to get my stronghold and tc to lvl 20 and i have a while to go yet but I am getting closer daily. Being able to produce 4* and the odd 5* i tc 20 would be a game changer.

Reflecting on my experience yesterday…I will write it of as bad luck and frustration that I needed to vent. To be honest- I will rather play this way and know that most players struggled to get where they are and everyone (except the really big spenders) work hard to get there. This gives me a sense of achievement and it is something that most players will have in common. Hard work and a bit of luck! This may also lead to real “fellowship” between players.


This is exactly why I refuse to spend any money on this game. How is it possibly fair, in the slightest, if you buy so many gems and not even get a 5* card really? It takes ages to save up 1000’s of gems, to make so many pulls, so much work, so much effort and the system gives you 3* heros on EPIC & Legendary PULLS,
This is exactly the kind of imbalance that is turning ppl off this game.

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I did a tens of summons. Got 2 copies of both 4*. No 5* event heroes. No hero of the month.

Got 4 regular 5* heroes I already have multiple copies of.

This event pulling is total BS. It is just a lottery with really bad odds. Those regular 5* pulls would probably make a player that doesn’t have many 5* happy, but for players who have played since start and have most heroes it is just ridiculous. Spend a bunch of money and get 0 new 5* heroes.

So SG will not see more of my money…


this game is for only spender if yu want fun…the event is a big ■■■■…
in all game the event is for all here yu can make 2\3 step but is very very hardest for new player
if here any player stay in top 100 without spend miney put 1 like at this comment…but i think 0 like forever…i levae this game unseless

the saddest thing is the players who do the professors after they have spent the world

The event summon has too large a pool of possible characters. I think the devs should narrow it down somehow so you have an increased chance of getting an event hero. As it is now, the odds are terrible.


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