Path of Valour summons not tracking correctly

I noticed this yesterday but waited to confirm it today. I have the VIP pass, so receive 2 free summons a day. I noticed yesterday that when i pulled these 2 free pulls the summon count in PoV challenge only went up by 1. Checked again today and it went from 34 to 35, not 36. (Will take screen shots tomorrow)

Why is this? Anyone else having this issue?


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Didn’t have any issues on my side of things.

Screenshots will help, a video would be better!

Make sure you show the PoV count BEFORE, the act of using summons (including showing the “2 Free Summons” text) & the PoV count AFTER :slight_smile:

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Typically it went up by 2 today, so either it’s intermittent or I imagined the whole thing. Will see what happens tomorrow. :grinning:


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