Path of Valor - Worth it for newer players?

Time for another update - in case there are newer players lurking around out there, wondering if this round of Path of Valor is worth it. (Welcome to the game!)

I´m happy to report that I feel it is worth it - I made it to the finishing line at least. :blush:

Hardly any of the ‘achievements’ were hard, perhaps except a few crafting requirements and a couple of Season 2 stages. Titans were not of a specific star, neither were raid-requirements.

All in all, a good Path of Valor, even for us newer players. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If my predictions are correct, the next one should be fine too - yet the one after that might proove to be too difficult with both Season 3 (or 4, even?!) stages, higher crafting materials involved, as well as Titans of a specific star level and Diamond raids. (I didn´t even make it to the first ascension material, when that round of PoV happened last time.)

But with the upcoming changes to Path of Valor (right?), we shall see, how the rotation look.

I hope you are having a wonderful day, are safe and sound, and enjoying the aspect of the game, you can participate in :hugs:

Happy gaming to all :slightly_smiling_face: :four_leaf_clover:


Worth it for new players. Even better if you are in an active alliance.

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to me the valor pass is only worth it if you think you have a good shot at reaching level 50.

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in terms of funcional milestones, reaching level 48 could be sufficient goal too


You can wait until the last day. If you reached milestones you set as your goal -buy and collect the incentives. If not dont buy and save for the next PoV.
I am f2p so I will not buy, but if you make it to milestone 20 you will get 700 gems, 2 EHT, and enough Event and Valhalla Coins for two more summons. Thats a better Value than spending the same amount of money in the shop for diamonds. All the other mats and flasks are on top. I would say if you want to spend, get past milestone20 first, thats your break even with buying gems in the shop and everything on top is for you…
Happy gaming


Hey @CRX1701

I know you post is very old but I am new to the forum and I just listeded to one of the two presentations you linked to…

Just want to thank you for sharing this! It feels horrible how we players are seen by the CEOs of gaming companies … categorized in fishes and exploited with thin-meshed nets.

E&P seem to have realized every single psycholgical trick, explained in these vids. It is a highly (monetary) dangerous game for certain kind of people and the reactions (e.g. “I spent so much, I cant quit”) can be seen all over the forum (which btw also supports the exploitation by the companies by providing a platform to lett people post their - “hey I was so lucky-I pulled HotM with just a single coin” stuff. They deserve - and wont get from me - even a single penny!

We should remind ourselves repeatedly from time to time about this, so that we keep to know the real value we present for the company - fishes just.

Thanks again for extracting this, I wasnt aware how deep this goes!



I think my calculations were wrong;

it´s this round of Path of Valor that might prove to be difficult to complete for the new players; You both need to advance in Raids - not just be succesful, but doing so in Diamond raids etc. too - and the Titans you have to hit has to be of a specific :star:. It´s likely, that the daily challenges will include having access to Season 2 and 3, more often than the last one.

Whether it´s worth it or not, I´ll leave that up to you, but it might be unlikely, that you are able to reach the ascension material level, which is what many aim for. Best of luck to you though. :four_leaf_clover:

Note: I have not looked into the new Elite Valor Pass - I find it rather distasteful (each to their own though, of course) -so this post is about the ‘Normal’ Path of Valor. :slight_smile:

That’s not good for me. A big draw of the Pass for me is so I can pick up some Ascension items. If I fail because I can’t win in leagues I can’t get in, that can’t help but factor into my choice. I want to support the game and I do.

One reason I buy the Pass is as an incentive to play every day. This just throws a wrench into the works. I understand the devs desire to reward those who spend lots of currency, the Summon reward for example. Locking me out of maxing out the basic reward is obviously not on my list of things I enjoyed this month. I wish I had checked this post out before purchasing.

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I am sorry to hear that, Jcmiii, though I very much understand you!

If you manage all of it, except the Raids, I think you could still make it.

The last time this type of PoV was active, I couldn´t, since I failed at both the Raids as well as the Summons, and a couple of stages in Season 3 and craftable items out of my leagues. I am not sure if stages of Season 4 will be included though, then I will loose out on it for sure.

But the Trap Tools and Orb is at 34, which should be doable :slight_smile:

I made it to 46 last time. But, the devs could have changed things around this time - these PoVs just seems to follow a pattern, going in cycles of three; 2 relatively easy, 1 difficult. Here´s to hoping I am wrong though! :pray:

But I am with you there; I too wish, that the Path of Valor were kinder to newer players. At least we can reach the ascension material, that is on the way to the bottom though :slight_smile:

Are you just getting started on the game, or? Then missing out on the ascension material for the five star hero might not be the biggest loss, as we have very few of them to ascend in the beginning after all.

Either way, best of luck to you :four_leaf_clover:


You probably won’t complete the Daily challenges either since there are some tough ones for a new player. And if you miss on more than 3, the Complete Daily Challenges last stage cannot be completed, thus missing on a lot of Valor points.

PoV 7 was difficult to newbies. PoV 8 was easy. PoV 9 is again difficult. So the pattern seems to get worse, or they just alternate (1 easy, 1 hard PoV).

Not quite. Despite the fact that in the beginning of the game the worst possible idea is to ascend your one and only (probably) 5*, later those 4* ascension mats are needed in larger quantities, and it’s really great if you start stockpiling them as soon as possible.


Ahhh, that is a good point, thank you very much for highlighting that :slightly_smiling_face:

Last month I bought the PoV and find out I only have 20 days instead of 50 days to do all the task. I failed but I swear I will not fail the next one roll out. Today I bought PoV the instant it come out. Excite and go along with the tasks. I find a daily task that seem doable but I have to spent lots if gem on world energy because it involved some dense fog stage on season 2, which I have not attempt as a new player. After spending gems on world energy and grinding sleeplessly, I fail to make it to the said stage. Ok what annoyed me so much today is how do I win raid in gold or higher are a as a new player? The developers could gave just make it winning raids. Why attach and filter out new players by adding gold arena requirement. It’s not too kate to fix this sine PoV just roll out. Please developers, id you pay any attention to your players, just fix thus requirement to “win any raids in any arena” that way the rask become universal for all players. Mods please forward to our community managers or the developers asap. Thank.

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I’m sorry can’t seem to follow, what or were are all these extra loot boxes that keep getting mentioned? Were they just referring to the prizes for each level of Valor points gained? Seemed like they was saying you could get extra loot boxes. Might still be missing something.

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Oh its if you finish pov. Then u can still gain chests. That didn’t sink in before, thanks.

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I don’t feel it’s fair to new players actually. I’m level 70+ so obviously it’s not from a new player’s view. There are missions so unfair to them basically. Just my personal perspective is all.

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It´s still pretty early, but the verdict is already in, sadly.

This PoV is not possible to complete for new players due to the requirements of Diamond Raids and Daily challenges such as Season 3 stages. You still get a pretty good amount of items out of it, of course, but it will not be possible to reach the end.

Better luck next time :pray:

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Well it´s been a while, so I figured I´d update this, by saying - YES, this round of Path of Valor is worth it, once again. The cycle continues, so do not expect the next one to be just as easy.

This will be my last post in this thread, as I no longer will be maintaining it though. So to help new players along to quickly recognize which round of PoV is worth buying, you simply have to look for two things, most of all, and that is:

Whether or not the Raiding Requirements are tied to a specific category - meaning, do you just need to kill a certain amount of Heroes (have a xx amount of victories) Or do you need to be victorious in Gold/Diamond/Platinum?

Whether or not the Titan Requirements are tied to a specific star or not

That´s pretty much all you need to keep an eye on, as those two goals often make or break it for new players. :slight_smile:

So yeah. But, after months of frustration with the game, I have decided to step back and spend a lot less time on it.

The last month in particular has been incredibly uphill, both with lack of ascension materials (I have played for a year soon, and have not been able to ascend a single five star yet), as well as matchmaking in tournaments. I continue to face teams, that are far out of my league. Yes, I know, that I can beat a 100 emblemmed - level 15 troops - LimitBroken set of heroes, if I´m very lucky, but with zero emblems, zero LimitBroken heroes and level 1 troops, I will always rely so much more on a lucky board, that it simply ends up being a source of frustration, more than a source of fun.

At this point, no matter how much time I will spend playing this game, I will never be able to catch up. New Seasons, new heroes, new things such as Limit Breakers continue to get introduced, and it´s a never ending battle to reach the top, not to mention impossible at this point, for a new player. The latest Q and A with the development team left me discouraged, as it´s rather clear, that the focus is on endgame. It´s a great game. I was simply too late to the party.

I´m also too competitive by nature to be ok with always being down here. I think spending 700 hours on a game should have resulted in something different, than where I am now. So I´ve decided to bid you farewell.

I wish all the players of Empires and Puzzles all the best. You´ve been an inspiration to follow :hugs:


@Gwniver I will miss you! I totally understand where you are coming from - the whole catching up thing, it really takes a lot of time daily just to keep pace…

I will miss your great spirit and positivity, your willingness to help others, your making threads like this - even if you’re a newer player, your sharing of knowledge makes you an established one in my eyes.

I hope you’ll pop in to say hi from time to time! And I hope you find something else worthy to take your time!

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