Path of Valor - Worth it for newer players?

If you truly want to spend early on in the game the vip is one of the best ways to spend your money.

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@CRX1701 Thank you again, I have a lot of reading to dig into :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, @ThePhilosopher- I noticed, that without VIP, I really do spend a fair chunk of time just waiting around. But I suppose that when doing that, I feel proud of myself for not giving in, hah :smile: VIP sure was the first thing I considered though, and find it very helpful. (And I do like, that it´s not a “subscription”, but instead something we actively have to pay for each time it runs out, right?)

@Raghadorn Thank you for the additional tips! There is so many rookie mistakes one can make, is my impression, so every little bit helps. I have not gotten an epic hero token yet, so I couldn´t have messed that up, at least, hah. I do have four of those Costume Key token things though, so getting excited about my first summon there, even if they seem complex at first glance to me!
I read about Knights of Avalon, and I was tempted to save up anything I can for that, simply because I really like the names and fantasy of those heroes…(Did I mention rookie mistakes? :smiley: )

Thank you so much again. And check @HarryDeB , that sounds like a great approach :slight_smile:

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If the question was VIP pass or PoV I too would always choose the VIP Pass because of the second builder.


I think for an early level player, VIP is certainly the better option, as it will help you regardless of level (second builder is especially helpful early on). PoV is more geared towards experienced players. There will probably be several PoV questlines that a low level player won’t be able to complete.

Just my two cents.


I would like to share my opinion:
Your first choice should be VIP and I believe it to be the most cost effective option.
If you are willing to spend more the next choice should be POV pass. I suggest this even for a newer player. It is correct that you won’t be able to collect all the rewards, but on the other hand the rewards you will collect will have great impact on your progress, much more than it has on veteran players. In other words the less appreciated rewards you’ll get from POV will bring you faster to a point you can collect very valuable free rewards from other mechanics of the game and thus the revenue over investment is much higher than some of the veteran players assess.

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There is certainly a middle way!
Set a small budget and stick to it… don’t get caught up in chasing HoTms… expect 3* from pulls and celebrate anything else. Understand the low drop rates and accept them
Enjoy your alliance And forum interactions.

It is quite possible to do well as a ftp or c2p person — just takes longer. And it is also possible to stay c2p and not get caught up in the spending cycle.
Being aware of the traps is a great start.
Enjoy the game!


Although tangentially true, unless you are already “hooked” on the game and willing to spend PoV is more likely to frustrate you and lead you to quit a bit sooner than you would have anyway. There are plenty of other elements in the game that play on gambling weakness much worse than PoV.

For me, PoV is an added bonus for what I normally do in the game on a daily basis anyway and I don’t spend with or without PoV. Over and above, at most it makes me poke at ducks and make a few unwanted items that I already have a surplus of.


VIP is either a 30 day deal or 365, so whichever suits you. There are VIP ‘bonuses’ if you can introduce a friend to the game and they play enough (check Invites under the Inbox tab).

As a very stingy player I have bought a couple of VIPs before. If memory serves, there was an exceptional Christmas deal (Rudolph’s gifts?) which included a 30 day VIP and something else (for the same price as the standard 30 day VIP).


There have been two VIP deals. Rudolph’s Gift and one at Hallowe’en (Valeria’s something?). I think they were actually a bit cheaper than regular VIP with the added gem bonus.

I’ve bought both of them in the past. Those and the gem deal that gifts your alliance are mainly what I spend on. I did buy the first PoV pass (on day 48), I think I wanted the 4* mat to max a hero. I still have all the harvesters from that unused. I keep forgetting they’re there.

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@Galaktusz Thank you - Yes, that certainly seems to be the way to go - sneaky, clever Small Giant to have that second builder thrown into the mix! The waiting hours for buildings sure are a challenge to my head! Even though I try to just be patience and enjoy the progress, of course.

@TGW I have noticed that too - just yesterday, I had something in the PoV, that requires me to finish special stages in a zone, I am not close to reaching yet. I´m around halfway through PoV, but progress has started to slow down now, as I am unable to complete all the daily challenges. Thanks!

@CarryAll That was my impression too, thanks! I find myself low on ressources most of the time (and hero space, but that´s a whole other matter!) I imagine, that for a higher level player, getting 100.000 food sure isn´t moving mountains. But for me it sure does!

@PM229 Thank you - Early on, I did make that decision too. I wanted a hero so much (not even a four star or anything, but just a more decent healer than Lara to add to my team!), but obviously the chance to get a specific hero is very little. I joined an Alliance last week, and that really helps; it is, as you say, nice to interact together. Even though many members in it are somewhat inactive, I do not want to be selective at this stage, since my contribution to the Titan and War fights are not very high with a team at around 1700. Thank you!

@nevarmaor That is what I sensed too, with PoV. At least the rewards from it are ‘guaranteed’ (if you manage to progress, of course). Where as spending money on coins/summoning tokens to get a specific hero or troop is just RNG, which would surely end up frustrating me very soon! Ducks…I just discovered those ducks; I thought that was not happening before a later stage too - thank you from the rookie…!

@ThePhilosopher Aha, I see, thank you for clarifying. I am actually really excited to experience all those holiday events - and now even more so, hearing you mention a special deal! I guess that just adds a VIP period to your existing one?

@nevarmaor Oh, at Halloween too? Goodie! I really like that about a game; that it connects with the seasons in the real world. 4* mats to max a hero…I guess I have a lot to look forward to and understand. Slow and steady wins the race. Thank you!

Thanks very much, all :slight_smile:


nevarmaor is right on the special deals being cheaper than the standard VIP. In the UK, standard VIP is £4.99 whereas the Rudolph deal was only £2.99.
So that’s why I couldn’t resist! :laughing:

As I understand it, buying additional VIP makes them extend the time it lasts. Eg. buy two 30 day VIP means it’ll last 60 days.

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Hey Gwniver

Hello you, as a starter this game in August same as me I willing to write you with some of tips that I learn along the journey of mine and hope it would help some other way of your game progress.

Don’t worry, don’t rush and don’t spend to chase on 5* Legendary heroes, eventually they will come but maybe not the one you desire as your game progress day by day they will appears on portal along the way. Drop rate of 5* (frankly speaking) is utterly rubbish 150% to failure from what you want.

Money will be steroids on your game that help you progress little faster but at the end you will stuck with ascension materials which need good amount of time of collect to upgrade max level of each 5* unless you willing to pay more and more on IAP which is NOT necessary.

Focus on bulding your roster with 3/4* as they don’t require higher materials and necessary toward your gameplay, you’ll need minimum of three good 4* heroes (on each color) or a team combine of total 3000TP with some attack items in forge to complete RARE QUESTs which is your main source on higher ascension materials for 5* heroes.

Troops are serious marathon long project on this game and you need to plan it fair early, it would ideal to focus on level up 4* mana type of troops and MUST focus on 1 per project don’t sway to level to same color different type. Still you will need minimum 5 of them both type, so keep eyes on Find Recruits II quest as some of it will give you Epic Troops Token and earn your chance to acquire 4* troops.

This game is eat sleep farm repeat routine, I hope you understand it will help your gameplay better than average especially you has more chances to get basic 1/2* heroes and troops from daily farm, especially on troops which very expensive on resource to level up.

Plus eat sleep farm routine will get you good chunk of extra craft material which boost your firepower when attack on titan and rare / emblem quests monthly seasonal events also. I did two 100 monster chest per day and use extra gem if needed to skip timing of next open chest. Raid chest will gradually improve overtime once you get more heroes as you level up.

It is important to understand mechanic to this game, how a set of heroes that potentially work well together, which hero that could make the most advantage to your overall match of raid or titan team, work your way on this regard both play and watch on other replay videos. I had it before that few times (not on this forum) and it drastically change my gameplay otherwise I would end up rage quit long time ago.

VIP is great deal I did brought it couple time when I was hurry on build of stronghold and training camp level 20 but since April 2019 I didn’t renew it anymore and totally fine with it. As for Valor Pass I did completed all 50 tier since introduce and only brought the first one, I would suggest a buy only if you make it to tier 48 to acquire extra higher materials.

It is better to enjoy the journey along the way with your game / forum friends.

This is the most impressive team I face in raid recently


I´d reccomend the VIP as a huge time savior, not only for the 2nd builder but the loot ticket and skipping chest timer:

For example, when I work in morning shift I gotta leave home by 5.30 am and go back by 14.30 can´t play during that time So If I finish a monster chest at 16.00 then it will be available at 4. am. I won´t get up at that time but while I prepare my breakfast by 5 am I can autoplay or use loot tickets if I´m getting late. This means I get the next chest by 17.00 and the next one close to 6.00 too late for me, then I spend gems to allow me to complete it so I can fill chest twice each day.



Thank you so much for such a lenghty response and for taking your time to write.

I try to do precisely that, and also aim low. I just got Belith, and I really wanted her so much - I even wrote about that over here What hero do you want and what are you willing to trade for them? - as I am still running with a 2 star healer. Good times, where one is able to be satisfied with getting a 3 star hero, I suppose :slight_smile:

Thank you- I have suspected that too; even if I were to get a 5 star hero, I am not able to even take care of them right now. And I suspect ones own level matters too? Something about how strong your team can be depending on your own level or?

The only place I struggle is tournaments - and sometimes war, being picked as canon fodder :smile:

Ah, yes, I heard of those mana troops a lot, when I have been researching. I´m afraid I just have 3 star troops right now. The 4 stars only come from lucky summons, or? I had no idea, one could get them from those Find Recruits quests! Maybe further down the line, when I´m higher level? The ones I have seen just gave normal troops.

Thank you again - I just realized, that the gem cost to skip timing on a Chest-thing actually lowers, the closer you get to the time. Very beneficial, if it´s just 1 hour before bedtime and you got full Energy! :slight_smile:

Yes, I think that is where I still struggle; understanding that synergy between heroes. But I suspect it comes with time, and once my roster is larger. Many different team required, some for titans, wars and what not.

Congrats on making Path of Valor to the end! :partying_face: And what a team you have gathered!

I think so too; it really helps to be in an alliance and get a sense of community. I wish it was a more active one; often 20 people out of 30 are not even fighting the titans we have, but I suppose, at this level, I should just be grateful that I am allowed on board without having too many trophies.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


Yes, I really feel so too; that is a great advice. I just discovered that function today; to skip the timer slightly.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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@Gwniver You really remind me back then, I got Belith as my first healer as well.

Unfortunately me, it took 6-7 months before I got Rigard (first 42% healer/ailments cleanser). Today Rigard still staple of my war team I have couple of them maxed with costume and emblem.

I’m not sure on what parameter of game use to indicate when player will get 5* but enjoy the ride and they will come as well as higher materials, although some will get them fast and some will unfortunately slow.

Speaking on alliance, at first I start on alliance from game random with only few active (about 10 just same to you). Took me around 4 month to develop my first team 3000TP-ish and I decided with bunch of active friends that we will find full alliance where 20-25 ppl active. After that around 6 months of active play, I generally fight with 7/8* titan and only few few below that. And those bunch of active friends back then still playing with me this August for 2 years.

My current alliance do not have sister or training one and we’re rather bit of intermediate folks, so I can’t take you in but I would recommend that keep eyes open on training alliance, they wouldn’t much require you outside of daily titan hit then once you have first 30 heroes combine (un-level 2/3* included just for clean up attempt) then it will be alliance war which 6 flags need to spend.

I have my option if you like to take a little bit more challenge, search the name “Shop After Dark” in alliance tab and you should find them. Very nice group of game peep for starter and higher tier once you ready, little bit strong on words I hope you will be okay with that, I think they use LINE for outside game communication. I’m not sure if the alliance owner still remember me so better not use my name for reference on apply.

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That is most kind of you, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Aaah, yes, I spotted Rigard in quite a lot of opposing teams, ouch, I learned how not to handle him :smile:

I see, thank you for the advice. I´m actually very much alright with the “Have to use all flags for Titans and during wars” (or at least sign off participating in it, so you do not cripple the team). I tend to throw myself wholeheartedly into something, when I commit to it and I must admit, that it feels discouraging to have 20 members not even play at all/ without seeming interested in connecting with your fellow gamers.

I will take your advice to heart, and see where that takes me. When ones team power is as low as they are in the beginning, ideally, it would be nice to meet fellowminded players, that share the same goals. :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

In case any other new players are wondering, I thought I would make an update here. :slight_smile:

Even though I arrived a tad too late for Path of Valor, I feel I got a lot of out of it as someone, who have just begun playing the game.

I will not be able to make it to the end, though :frowning:

There was simply too many points I could not obtain.

I was not able to progress fast enough to reach Season II and beyond and my Hero team was too weak to go further than the Silver Arena. (Four 3 Star Heroes and one 2 Star)

I missed crafting something from my Forge, since it was not high enough level.

I believe that I ended up joining an Alliance too late too, and a too inactive one, so I was not able to defeat enough Titans either.

To sum up, I was not able to do the following:

Complete 3 Poison Mist Map Stages

Complete 3 Magic Night Map Stages

Complete 3 Dense Fog Map Stages

Complete 3 Underwater Map Stages

Complete 4 Season II Map Stages

Complete 4 Season III Map Stages

Complete 3 Special Stages in Midgard

Complete 3 Special Stages in Vanaheim

Completely 2 Special Stages in Jotunheim

Use 3 Dragon Attacks

Use 1 Tornado

Craft 5 Bomb Attacks

Craft 3 Dragon Banners

Craft 1 Tornado

Defeat XX Titans

Complete XX Daily Path of Valor Challenges

Win XX raids in XX Arena

That was about it, I think :slight_smile:

I am still happy with what I got out of it though, all the extra ressources has greatly helped me along.

I hope this helps others - good luck to you, take your time and enjoy the little things :star2:

Well, next round of Path of Valor and I am doing better process. In case anyone else who are also new can benefit from it, here is the overview so far :slight_smile:

I am level 31 now, a team strength of around 3000 with my 3*s, and I managed to complete everything, except

Complete Season 3 Stages

Craft Super Mana Potions

Craft Super Healing Potions

So my weak spot is still progress and my Forge levels.

Struggling with the “Kill Titans of 5* and higher” goal abit too, because the Alliance I am in is not very active, sadly. But the rest seems to be coming along nicely, and I may even reach the ascension material stage at this rate. Fingers crossed - good luck all :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:


I thought I would make an update, since this Path of Valor has just ended.

I´m happy to report, that I actually made it this time, not only to the ascension materials, but all the way to the end. :partying_face:

There are still things, I could not do, such as Season III stages, and craft the better version of Potions (limited Forge level) - and I only recently managed to find a wonderful Alliance, that has been kind enough to take me in, making the ‘Defeat XX Titans of XX stars’ goal able to be reached.

The ability to do better this time around in Tournaments have helped to reach the goal too. (Specifically the 3* Tournaments, obviously, since my collection is mostly made up by these still.)

So all in all, in conclusion;

A player who is active, fills up two Monster Chests a day, participates in Tournaments, War, Titan Kills, Challenges, Rare Quests - just the every day usual (which sounds like more than it is!)- will be able to reach the goal. Current Team Power 3200.

Now, 3 months or so into the game, my current player level is 34. My Forge level is 13. My Stronghold just reached 20 last week. (I know, I have to work on that, still learning, been too focusen on storages for some reason :woman_facepalming: :blush:)

I hope this helps anyone who is also relatively new to the game, who may also be unsure, if Path of Valor is worth it for them.

Do note: As far as I understand, the various goals of Path of Valor changes from time to time.

Happy gaming to all :cherry_blossom:


Thank you for the excellent update. I was just going to ask how you’re doing. You’ve done very well as a new player and I enjoy hearing your enthusiasm!

From a very old player :grin:

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