Path of Valor - Worth it for newer players?

Thank you for the excellent update. I was just going to ask how you’re doing. You’ve done very well as a new player and I enjoy hearing your enthusiasm!

From a very old player :grin:

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That’s good progress! I missed your earlier update where you mentioned about the Titans part. I’d have advised you to find a new home and I’m glad you did so. I lot of the various family alliances have an active training Alliance designed to help you progress. Hopefully the alliance you found does exactly that.


I too missed the alliance part of your journey. Don’t hesitate to leave an alliance if you feel it’s holding back your progress. There are some excellent teaching alliances and a great alliance makes all the difference to your enjoyment of the game.

I recommend you create a thread in alliance recruitment stating exactly what you’re looking for in an alliance. You’ll be inundated with alliances looking for an active new member with a positive attitude!


Only if you can push it to at least level 30 otherwise nope

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Checking in here again, if it still has interest to new players… :slight_smile:

Thank you for your encouraging comments. :hugs:

I reached level 40 now, 5 months into the game. Slowly building up my hero collection.

Stronghold is level 21 now. One Training Camp at 20.

This time around, it was even easier to reach the goal in time.

The titan requirements were not of a specific level, and there was no high demands on my Forge either, which was a welcome surprise.

I even had the luxury of being able to skip a few of the “Do XX stages in Season 3” (I do not have that much World Energy to spare yet)

No tournament requirements as well - I think this is safe to safe, that this Path of Valor round was a breeze. Thank you, SG! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tip: There were a few daily tasks, that involved using some higher level consumables, such as a Dragon Banner etc. My advice would be to save a few of those you may get from various rewards during your normal game play, just in case they show up as a daily task in Path of Valor (if you are not capable of crafting them yourself yet) That´s what I did at least, and I had enough :slight_smile:

That´s pretty much it for this round.

Good luck to all of you, and a happy new year :star2:


Hey, Gwniver

I hope you doing well in everything around you.

Congratulations on your first HotM and now conquer on POV 2 times in a row, I reckon that you’re solid progress.

Lately, I’m looking for new member for my intermediate alliance that cope with 9-10 :star2: titan, if you like more challenge feel free to reach on me.

Happy New Year to you and family. Best of luck!

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I spent a lot of money this month … I could not enter the game for 20 days due to my illness. I made a purchase for the remaining 10 days … big mistake

Well, in 10 days you should have been able to reach something around loot stage 35, right?
So at least, it is still one of the best offers on the market. :slight_smile:

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I got the 34th prize… but it was not very satisfying :frowning:

1x ETT
1x EHT
300x Valhalla Coins
10x Event Coins
400x Gems
60x Emblems

  • all the other stuff, loot tickets, food, iron

If there were an normal offer with all this stuff, who would think twice for 10€$ ???

I agree here from Turkey … 90 ie 3 times the price of your money lol

90tl is exactly 9,99€ by todays exchange rates, so I paid more… ( 10,99€)

yes indeed according to your money. a bit expensive

Thank you so much for your kind message, zenithciiz :slight_smile: I appreciate it very much. I am not currently looking for an Alliance, but I appreciate your offer, and wish you the best of luck too :four_leaf_clover: Thank you again, very much :hugs:

@MissCat I understand the frustration about not reaching the “goal”. For me, it gave me someting to work for on the next Path of Valor. I hope you can come to see it that way too - maybe you will reach further during the next round. :pray: At least I was able to :slight_smile:

This game is about growth as much as anything I think. Early in the game there are hurdles we can’t jump. As your roster gets better and you get your teams working better you can suddenly jump what you couldn’t previously and it feels rewarding.

There’s always another hurdle but that is what keeps us playing IMHO.

So congrats on reaching new heights.


Thank you @Cheds :slightly_smiling_face:

And just a mild ‘warning’ to the brand new players for this round of Path of Valor - it may be difficult to do this one for you.

I struggle already. :pensive: Crafting things like Super Mana potions, doing stages in Season 3, hitting Titans of a specific level, winning raids in the Platinum category.

There are many steps in this round which might not be easy for a new player, sadly, so it may be difficult to reach the ascension material level. Can’t win them all.

Best of luck to you :four_leaf_clover: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright, so, the verdict is in, now that this Path of Valor is reaching it´s end soon.

This is most certainly not for newer players, who hope to reach the finishing line.

There have been too many dailies, which includes crafting of high level items that require for your Forge to be up there, and stages in Season 3.

Pair that with hitting Titans of a certain level, the Platinum raid requirements as well as the large amount of summons you have to do - my advice would be to step away from this Path of Valor and hope for a better one next time.

I know, that Path of Valor still has lots of great stuff, especially for those just getting started! They may all be worth it alone. Yet seeing that finishing line, and not being able to complete it only results in discouragement.

I´m not quite sure what the decision is behind the requirements. I get that many things in game is, one way or another, ‘locked away’, from newer players. But I am starting to realize, I no longer should fall in that category.

I do not mean to compare myself with those who have played for years and years. Yet, seven month of dedicated game time, 2 -3 hours a day (granted, some are done auto farming but still) and you are looking at perhaps 500 hours spent on something. Not a computer game, but a simple mobile game. Part of me feels, this should validate being able to complete, at least, this.

(Let´s skip the ‘‘What am I doing with my life!?’’ :laughing: Time we enjoy wasting, is not wasted, right! :grin: )

Being competitive in this game is hard. There have been very few Tournaments recently outside the 4 and 5 stars category. Reaching any kind of top tier in the events that go on is out of your league:

Mythic Titans is out of your league. Ninja Tower is out of our league. All Challenge events are out of your league (assuming you do not have the enormous amount of resources to spend on crafting consumables to boost your score)

Yet with a mindset that simply just ‘takes what you can get’ and do your best with the ‘hand you´ve been dealt’ and with an enormous amount of patient, I am confident you can still get a lot out of the game. One step at the time.


Having at least the full Path of Valor be within reach would be a nice morale boost for newer players.

We all just want to belong and play together with the rest, right. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This turned out longer than expected, sorry! :sweat_smile:

TL;DR: This PoV is difficult to reach for newer players, compared to the other ones before this. All the other materials may still be worth it to you, of course - that´s totally your call! Good luck to all :four_leaf_clover: :slightly_smiling_face:


As most said. It is worth it if you are in a decently active alliance.

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Fwiw, Ninja Tower is basically designed for end-game players. I think only 60k-ish players - a very small part of the player base - bothered to complete it last time.

For Mythic Titan/challenge events, you can always ask for advice on their respective thread. Or start your own. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good advice on having a mindset of just taking what you can get! It’s a good reminder for me still, a long time player. :sweat_smile:

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This POV was especially mean that only 3 dailies could be skipped to complete the “complete dailies” challenge. Fortunately I finished without it but I won’t be completing that one and I’m not a newbie. It’s like being penalized twice and particularly nasty if daily asks for things you can’t do yet.

Not. Nice. :angry: :woman_shrugging:


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