Path of Valor Win Raids V

…(Win 60 Raids in Diamond Arena) should be prohibited by the Geneva Conventions against torture.


For newer players this one won’t happen, but that is also why the window to complete PoV is much wider allowing players to skip a tier or two and still finish.


Welcome to the forum. Guess your saying it a hard task to doo??
Pov isn’t ment to bee easy for everyone.
If you can stay top platinum / bottom diamond it is possible with the time left.

Yeah, it’s doable. Just torture :stuck_out_tongue:

Up and down, up and down, up and down
3 small steps forward, 1 giant step back, 2 small steps forward, 1 giant step back

Just venting I guess. Not exactly a quality post.

I know I’m not ready for diamond. So I didn’t even try. I’m right their at entering diamond and that’s that why let it bother me I can finish POV without it.

When being in diamond the tournament battles also count as diamond wins.

So, raid yourself up to diamond and than do tournament hits. I bet that in 3 and 4 star tournament you have better chances for a win.


I was going to say the same thing. I just finished that one today. Staying at 2400 just long enough each day to use my tournement flags got me there!

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I love the path of valor challenges and now nearing the end of the second one. The valor challenge to win 60 raids in the diamond level is extreme. I try and try just go get to diamond level for almost a year now and still not there. I thought this was a typo and wrote support. Nope! Not! I feel for the average players this challenge is extreme and out of balance for the game as a whole. I am really frustrated with this since I am completing every other task. Maybe next round please consider something more realistic for all Players? Thanks!

LOL I know the feeling well! DIamond seems so close yet so far away and the only reason I won’t with the whole path of valor this time and not from lack of trying!

I did it with a team of 3900 soo you can do it

That was one of the first ones I finished lol.

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Well it’s ridiculously easy now to to finish everything as an above average player as long as you do all dailies so it’s good to have some category that is hard to do. Just plan on not doing that one or the last of the titan hits and just play daily.

I should be finished tomorrow and that’s with a planned skipping of the last two tiers of hero summoning. I could finish it with silver tokens but no point in that. The raiding one was done like day 5 or something silly like that (as an active raider) so if neefing that mission too they may as well just hand us the loot.

Be thankful it isnt

Win 100 Raids Against Telluria Tanks


I’d actually find that easier. In our last war, I took out 3 Telly tank teams. Not everyone has her fully leveled, let alone emblemed.

I have yet to reach Diamond.

I was a little miffed about this one because every time I would get up to diamond and log off I would wake up and be 200 pts behind back in Platinum. But I get it, there are ceilings and this one is geared more towards the P2W crowd. I’ve spent a little money, but have been very unlucky with the 5* pulls. The description doesn’t specify attack only.

But I managed to get a team of 3800 up and secured in Diamond, currently 30/60. Now for the rant. What bothers me is defensive raid wins don’t count towards the score. A win is a win, and I feel like winning a defence while in diamond should be just as viable as an attacking win.

On defense you’re not the one raiding. You’re the one being raided. Of course they don’t count as raid wins. There could however be a “successful defense” valor quest, but I wouldn’t enjoy that, as you have no control over your defense team.

I disagree that this caters to P2W. My brother and i completed this with ease as F2P. The benefit we have is that we are long term players so we have many tools at our disposal.

My gf on the other hand hasnt played as long and holds steady at 2200 and scrapes her way to 2400 and hopes to win. She wont complete it, but she doesnt have to in order to get the rewards!

@Adirtyempire. Sorry, I’ll revise to P2W and very long term players. I’m a middle of the road player. I play a lot, and have spent a little money, but have only been playing for about 6 months or so. But with only 2x 80’s and a bunch of 70’s there is a disconnect between the top teams which are tearing me a new one and those I can adequately kill. And with the recent Telluria nerf, I’m curious how I’m going to do. My only 2x 80’s are Ursena and Telluria. Was lucky enough to get them on the same pull.

But it’s not the only one. For instance, the Summons PV is also definitely pay to win (or extreme luck and getting tokens in chests/events). If you don’t have VIP, you really don’t stand a chance of finishing it. I have VIP and I’m currently 38/50 on tier 10 with 6 days to go. And that included spending real money on extra summons opportunities During events and costumes.

But the rant has to do with semantics. They’ve changed the wording on heroes that was open to interpretation, so maybe they should change the wording in the POV for raids. It has two conditions: Winning and being in Diamond league. By the wording, a defensive win while still in Diamond should still count. When I’m cycling through targets, I’m sure it’s showing me Platinum league players as well, but it doesn’t void the point if I beat someone in an attack if they’re under Diamond so that shouldn’t be a factor for defences.

The summons are tough. Easy for me because i saved hundreds of silver tokens some time ago because i had no one to level. Was saving for a rainy day.

My gf and brother certainly will only complete 45/45 summons.

The good news is that you can still get all of the rewards! The gf is looking to miss the final level of raid tournament, summons, and raids. They made this second pov very friendly.

Keep you chin up and do the best that you can. You have some great heroes! Even with the nerf. Ursena is nothing to sneeze at.

But it is almost the same as win 100 diamond raids…at least when you are above 2600 :joy:

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