Path of Valor What STAFF Think is Challenging

So hunting Ducks is a challenge ?!

I will disagree with that ,not everything ellse was like daily playing as i mentioned same day that was an Emlem quest and Challenge Event going on there was like 2 daily pov tasks requring farming season 1 and season 2

But one didn’t need flasks for it.

Daily challenges shouldn’t be “challenging”. They’re just there to make sure players are logging in everyday.


I don’t want to see the complaints here if one has to reach top 10 or sth that challenging.

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and creepy with the Ghost Ducks…kill them all and their ghosts keep quacking across the screen…creepy
:ghost: :duck:


No one is complaining here ,i was inspired by STAFF post ,and as u can see i changed the name of the topic aswell ,im just curious to understand what STAFF think is challenging

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Ghost Quacks!!


I dont have any problem here ,but i didnt felt there was a challenge on this Pov except Summoning more and Flasking more ?everything ellse was ridiculous.

Klin u already know that i dont like you , and the reason is cause u have a strange attitude to distort the reality and eapecially what i say , that question was ironic, this has nothing to do with ducks but with what they consider challenging.Thank u.

I finished POV without spending money. I knew like everyone else that it was coming so I saved up gems for my pulls and save all EHT, ETT and daily summons tokens for a few weeks before it began. POV also isn’t and shouldn’t be made for everyone to finish. That being said it’s the very first one and was basically a trial run to see what changes can be made to improve it. This game is very much about making money. If everything was made for the f2p to finish everything and do everything In the game why would people spend. My advise to people who won’t finish is work on and prep for those areas before the next one…:sunglasses:


Improvement in my eyes:

Make the challenge for the events more foolproof. Now you MUST do all 6 events. Do you miss one it isn’t possible anymore to get the last (3 events ready).

Maybe make this 4 challenges 1, 2 and 1, 2. That way you are not punished for missing one of the challenges. And maybe add a special costume raid in order you can get more points for this mission. On top of the current raids so it is really difficult. It must remain a challenge…

Look at this way, it was the first feature like this so of course not everyone is gonna be happy and on their will be things that will probably be tweaked. Also, they have to look at it as making sure there are “challenges” suitable for all levels of players. What may not be challenging for one may be difficult or even impossible for someone else. And I think the daily challenges were designed in a way that the biggest majority of the player base would be able to complete them with little difficulty. Personally I dont see where needing flasks of any kind would come into play. Yeah some daily challenges that involved the season 1 and season 2 map corresponded with other events but overlaps happen all the time and all it takes is just managing your world energy.

Who are you again? I forget.

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Don’t worry, what he said is why I do like you :crazy_face:

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Killing ducks is not a challenge, but very fun! The challenge is killing the dragon, if you catch him when he first comes into the picture and zoom in and tap like crazy he’s not too bad!

I liked the POV, finished milestone 50 yesterday, my only complaint is make the ‘kill Titans’ challenge the ‘hit Titans’ challenge!

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With so many other threads on PoV, why start a new one that repeats, repeats, repeats what those threads cover :confounded:.

Btw your title is deceptive as you’ve just copied a statement Kira posted. What “staff” think?! Bemused.

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Well, the most challenging part was waiting for the herd of ducks to appear during the ‘kill 15 ducks’…lol

There are a multitude of threads on Path of Valor, many of them oriented toward feedback.

In no particular order:

I’m inclined to think those fairly holistically cover the breadth of discussion to be had about Path of Valor, and this discussion can continue in one or more of the existing threads.

As such, this thread will he closed as a duplicate.


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