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I have a question. What’s with the bs level 23 reward for 2 pov in a row. You do all these quests with the rewards slowly getting better and then you get to 23…2* meteor rock…

Sorry. Can you please rewrite that in English? I don’t understand British. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Plus. You’re too late. The Mexicans and South Americans already butchered Spanish… like Americans butchered English.

How long do I have to collect my rewards that I can claim after the PoV reaches the 50 days?

Premium pass can be bought anytime BEFORE the end of the PoV (Day 50). You can then collect rewards up to the START of the NEXT PoV.

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Thank you very much for the information! The reason why, I didn’t want to collect all my Trainer heroes until S:3 gate reopen to maximize any feed incase I pull a great hero.

OP Thread updated with a couple additional questions pre-empting the new ones from PoV3

Daily Challenge Questions
Q16 -> Level up Troops {x} times
Q15 -> Greet a Villager

Valor Challenge Question
Q22 - Level Up A Hero…? Different from the Daily Challenge?

Any idea on what the best place is to get the “Defeat Enemies” challenge for the highest ratio enemies to world energy? Season 1 7-4 seems to have a good number for 3 WE, but wonder if there is a better one

1-7-4 is the best normally.

During Atlantis Rises tho it switches up a little.

Barry Farmz Here guide has a good breakdown of that if you look at the recommended farming for Monster Chests.

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i miss to claim a completed daily mission. what happens if i complete a daily mission but did not claim the 150 valor points? do i lose them when the next day missions arrive? is there any way to claim them? do they automatically add to my points? my alliance members are not sure about this.

I’m not 100% sure on this one… I THINK that you have to claim the points during the 24 hours but it COULD be that they automatically get “claimed” for you…

I can have an experiment today & see.

@WildRicardo … I missed claiming a daily reward last POV. When I logged in next, a pop up reminded me, allowing me to claim it. Hopefully it is the same for you.

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I hate that at least 1 quest not possible to do as season 2 map stages I just started and not focused on it…I want to finish 1 season,so I focus on 2nd right after :woozy_face:
Hate you…I wish you have quests that impossible to do… :crazy_face:

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Updated to include new Daily Challenge Questions;

Specifically Q19 & Q18

Hi @Guvnor, did you get a chance to experiment with regards to this?

Believe that you automatically claim them the next time you login.

Brings up a pop-up window of sorts.


i can confirm that now! :grin: you get the pop up with the +150 points when the daily challenges update


Sorry if this has been asked, ive had a quick skim through things. Someone who wants to leave an alliance for another one, does this affect valour points or progress at all?


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New challenges for today says “defeat 10 enemies with a holy power” but it doesn’t work on maps, help. Does it mean I have to use holy heroes or do I have to defeat holy enemies?

I’ve just played S1: 9-4 and I completed that daily mission. So you have to defeat 10 holy enemies.

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