Path of valor - Valour challenges not progressing (?)

My path of valor challenge is not changing. The daily challenge is changing but the bottom ones is still the same since day one. Don’t know what happened. Just learned that there suppose to change

The bottom ones aren’t meant to change, however they do roll over into harder challenges, but the objective stays the same, kill heroes in raids, kill titans etc. Every time you complete the first tier it will change for example Kill Titans II.

Hope this helps

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Post some screen shots for a better understanding :+1:

That’s just it my bottom is not rolling over still stuck on level one

Can you please post some screenshots @pactsl37?

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Yeah ok that sounds bad, hope you didn’t buy the valor pass.

hopefully its gets fixed for you.

I don’t know how to post the screen shot

This may help:

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You have to collect… Press were it says complete (that orange tab) … @pactsl37 idk if you get credit for previous daily tasks… But the other ones are stacable so you will collect them all…
Looking at your Valor points I belive the “autocloect” if completed at the end of the day

You have to click 5e complete button & next level will unravel…

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Why aren’t you tapping complete? They only show progress if you do that.

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He clearly has been collecting the rewards and is messing around. He’s at stage 15 without collecting anything? Right…

I have been experiencing the same issue with complete Valor challenge. The bottom center one. It hasn’t moved at all, it’s still at zero and the valor points indicator is still at 400. All others are above 1,000-2,000. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of but see no way to collect or get it moving.

I have problem, for last 1 week atleast i have defeat heroes IV completed and its stuck overthere doesnt moving to higher lvl what to do?

@Deniscro2102 that’s as far as it goes. You’ve completed that challenge.

That’s the highest level. Notice it’s darker compared to the other challenges and the word “COMPLETE”?

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So what’s up with mine, it’s still at zero complete and the reward is 400 valor points. What’s the challenge to be completed to receive this reward?

Are you tapping complete?

Also, screenshot please.

I’ve finished four and up to five levels of the other challenges and have finished without fail the daily challenges. The bottom center challenge has not moved nor has there ever been a complete collection tab to push.

@Meicus are you talking about the one that says Complete a Challenge Event?

That’s the one for the monthly Challenge Event. Did you complete a full tier (all 15 levels of Rare, Epic, or Legendary) of Avalon?

If you did complete a full tier of Avalon, submit a support ticket because you should have gotten credit.

If not, you can still get the points for level 1 and 2 by completing all 3 tiers of Pirates later this month. You will not be able to complete level 3 of this particular challenge, and as a result you will not be able to reach level 50 on Path of Valor, if you do not complete all 3 tiers of both Avalon and Pirates.

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