Path of Valor - Valor Shop (New Section)

I’ve been playing for quite some time now, started late 2018.

Implement in the game to reward the most loyal to you, to make players feel rewarded for their effort and devotion to your game: :

Path of Valor - Valor Shop (new Section)

Daily challenges now also give Valor Gems(to use in the Valor Shop), for each Daily completed we would get different amount of Valor Gems, depending on the daily difficulty, let’s say 2(easy) 4(normal) 6(hard), you could also use the Valor pass in this way, those with Valor Pass activated would get 50% more Valor Gems.

Inside Valor Shop :

There’s 3 free/open slots to lock Heroes, using normal game Gems, 500 gems for 30 days with the option increase the timer in the rented slot(for some more Gems), to release the slot and get 70% gems back of the total amount paid to rent the slot or to buy the hero with Valor Gems.


6 Slots with random 5* heroes(Non classic…) from previous Seasons / events that refresh every 5 days if not locked into the free/open spots, Heroes selling for 2500 Valor Gems(that’s around 210 days’ worth of 3x Daily Challenges for non Valor Pass buyers).

In this way players that are faithful to SG/E&P would embrace even more, would make you see less raging and even less people quitting the game due the bad luck with summons, increasing further your player base number.

your thoughts ?

[RC] - SCORPIUS / Jinjiro

I like this idea as a way to keep going after you hit level 50 as well. Though with the change it’s only 3 extra dailies lol


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