Path of Valor V Question

So when path of Valor opened up this morning I looked to see what my required tasks would be to complete various requirements. One of them is to play battles in the tournament. So I go over to the tournament and do my 5 allotted daily battles. Then I go back to the Path of Valor and it still says zero. Am I missing something?


You have already completed Tournament battles 1 and your current mission is Tournament battles 2.


Yes. As @D_DI has stated, you are on Tier II of tournament battles.

Tier I was 5 tournament battles. Everything is just fine. Congrats :thinking:


Ah ok yes. I guess I didn’t realize I had already collected the Valor points. Thank you so much


I see that your question is already answered but I thought I’d add this in case anyone looks here with similar concerns. (It has come up with previous POVs.)

Note that the “Daily Challenges” is at 2/3 even though I’ve completed all 3 challenges. This is normal. That’s the second tier. First tier was 1 challenge and so I’m now at 2/3 of the second tier.

Same goes for tournament challenge - its the second tier - as others have explained above.


Yes you already completed Tier 1 " Play 5 battles in the tournament" … and must have claimed that reward.


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