Path of Valor unfair

Now that’s a title worth clicking on, isn’t it?
I must admit, my first post in this community will be a somewhat rant to something what I believe is really something that should not be possible if you decide to pay for a game.

First things first. Hi all :smile:
I was playing this game fairly low-key for about a year, and made it to level 30 with several upgraded 3* and 4* heroes. My few 5* heroes are growing now, but you all know the struggle: I need the right materials.
This is why I decided to “invest” a little money on buying the Path of Valor pass. Here I got a few extra materials, grew a bit faster and overall enjoyed the game more. All good, and happy to pay a little for a game that entertains me for a year.

Last week I decided to do the same. As soon as the new pass came out, I bought it, and started grinding. Beating 250 enemies… Hitting titans… Trying to get my 3 daily objectives done… And this last one already presented the first issue : I can not do any dailies that require attacks in season 3. I am simply not that high. This would be fine if it is only a daily every week or so, but I’ve had it a few times already.

My second issue with this path of Valor is needing to get 60 wins in diamond League. Getting (and staying) to platinum was nearly impossible for my level, let alone diamond!

So in conclusion, all these objectives considered, I am paying as much money for a pass as a high level player, but will not be able to get the same money’s worth rewards

Hopefully addressing this here is worth it, because I have read a lot of these complaints in my alliance chat (and rightfully so!) And people stating they won’t but the pass again…

Hope this little rant makes sense :smile:
Have a good day all!


The forum advice for Valour Pass has always been do not buy until you are near the end so you know what you will get. There is always a risk by purchasing at the start that you may not be able to achieve the goals.


FWIW you don’t need to complete every daily activity to reach Level 50 of PoV or even reach the last tier on the various challenges. There’s still so much time to complete the other tasks instead.


@Grumpigamer what is the best moment to pay for path of Valor then? I can not imagine the makers of the game would want to miss out on income from the vast majority players :roll_eyes:

@Sarah2 very true! I keep fighting of course. But I am already missing out on 450 daily points, and a whopping 2200 points for the diamond League attacks. You can imagine my worries for the end period…
I just think everyone able to buy the pass should be able to complete every objective of they spend enough time online.

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You should still be able to get all the mats with what you can do.
There are 52 500 points available. You need 43820 points to get the mats or 46 750 to finish it and get the avatars(not really necessary), meaning you have a surplus of 8680 points.

If you can’t raid in diamond you will loose 2200 points.
If you can’t finish the last daily pov challenge you will loose 1650 points.
Daily pov challenge 150 points

You can still get the mats without raiding in diamond, don’t finish the last daily challenge tier and without doing 32 daily challenges (every two days you can miss one challenge)

That’s the best solution, don’t buy it until you finished it.


Exactly as above. Don’t buy until the end and then you can make a judgment on whether it is worth it.

I’ve completed them all and it’s not a challenge for me but I do recognise newer players will not have the luxury so if you are going to spend you need to make sure your input gets the best return.

For me the only level I care about reaching is 48. After that it means nothing so I’m happy to let the more annoying dailies slide.

Even then I won’t buy the deal until I hit 48 as I then use all the resources it gives to help me level or emblem newer heroes and the food and iron bundles are great for this.

So for you you need to get to the end and assess the value to you. Not everyone will complete POV (and I’m fine with this, we all needed targets to reach when we started too) so get to where you can and then try to beat it next time

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Thank you all for the comments.
(@Grumpigamer sorry i misread your reply. I now see you intended the exact same as all others)

It is clear that I won’t buy the pass at the start ever again.
Feels strange though, I had no idea it was a possibility to buy in hindsight and you’d still get all rewards. Never ever have I seen this possibility anywhere else in games…

Thanks again

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My advice, don’t buy. I’ve completed every PoV easily and only bought the pass the first time. Realised it just doesn’t do much of anything and I’m not missing anything much by skipping the pass. The game is growing in a direction where the value of literally any purchase at the moment is poised to be eroded very fast. The only pack I’d consider ‘safe for value’ is VIP. And if you are in an alliance that makes you want to log on and play, then the share gems pack for its social value. Otherwise, don’t buy.

This year marks the beginning of the end for the Zynga-SGG 3 year deal (Zynga buying 80% of SGG - STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 & 111). Expect lots and lots of in game monetisation to happen.

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This thread may be useful for you

@Gwniver has posted lots of useful points in it as a newer player trying to finish and deciding whether worthwhile.


Hi there :slightly_smiling_face: I understand your frustration, believe me. Despite having played since August, I am still not able to complete this round of Path of Valor.

The last two rounds of Path of Valor however, have been more than manageable, because they didn’t have the Raid requirements, not as many Season 3 stages to do, and less crafting too - Just like you highlight is causing you trouble.

At first I thought the developers had listened and made it more ‘new player friendly’, but it turns out, that this is just a cycle, so hopefully the next round of Path of Valor will be easier for you to complete.

Best of luck to you :four_leaf_clover:


The sameness of the rewards follows the sameness of the summonses. Some variation would be welcome. Same old, same old. It’s tedious not rewarding.

In sum, we live and we learn. Buy PoV pass when you are sure you get to the milestone giving ascension mats.

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