Path of valor tournament count

Hi, can someone please either tell me or check on this. I paid gems to continue in the tournament to get my valor points and it doesn’t look like the battles that I did in the tournament today counted in my valor points. I can’t be sure because I didn’t screen shot it from yesterday, but I will know for sure tomorrow if they counted or not. Maybe they don’t count if you pay gems, and if that is the case I would like to know,

Thanks for any help!

Hi Mija,

The attacks should count. It doesn’t matter if you pay gems or not to reset the loss count(those XXXX).
If they don’t count then it is probably a bug. Try to keep count and take a screenshot of the tournament flags and Path of Valor status before playing a battle and afterwards.

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I will watch tomorrow to see if my count changes…thanks!

Screenshot please.

Be sure you’re tapping complete so you can see the higher levels.

This is what I have right now…19 of 30, there is a pic attached. I paid gems yesterday and I thought that was what I ended with yesterday. I won all 5 today,
so we will see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for your help


This worked and there was no bug, sorry for the delayed response…RL got crazy!

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