Path of Valor too long

Path of Valor is too long. The rewards even with the pass are too meager. It’s quickly becoming more of a hassle than it’s worth. You should shorten it to about 30 days and make it easier to get to the rewards. If you want players to buy the pass, they should not feel like it’s a nuisance to get the rewards and they aren’t even sure they will be able to reach the best rewards. I’m an upper level player with an advanced stronghold and heroes and I don’t know is I will get the level 50 rewards. Also the titan requirements are completely unfair. If you are in a small alliance you’ll never get the higher tiers and the way the titan levels are structured, if you win, they rise in difficulty until you lose. I shouldn’t be dependent on my alliance to succeed in they Path.

The Path of Valour is not compulsory. If you don’t like it, then focus your efforts on the plethora of short-term challenges E&P offers. As you point out, the POV rewards are meagre enough that you won’t be missing out on much.

(Personally, I love the long term nature of the POV challenge. It directs my play and livens up my daily grinding. I don’t really care about the rewards.)




Same instead of logging in and sitting there like what now I have actually had to plan times to do things meaning everytime I log in I feel like I am accomplishing something instead of just sitting there. Also a great way to get the truly active players together and out of dead end alliances. Nice to have a goal that someone cant use world energy flasks to cheat the system


Then don’t play.

Sorry, you’re not an upper level player if POV is potentially hard for you. Go merc for two hours with a few titan flasks and your titan req will be done.

FWIW, if you were a “higher” level player, POV wouldn’t be difficult, you would know how to make the titan reqs work, and your normal game play (with slight adjustments) would almost automatically finish POV for you.


POV is not compulsory, but it IS complementary.

I consider myself an upper-level player (will hit level 69 in a couple minutes) and am very confident that I will reach the level 50 rewards. I’m about halfway in right now (~25 I think) and have good progress. The daily things are attainable enough and I’m active enough not to miss them. All of my forge levels are researched and all of the tasks are easy for me.

I have only one disadvantage: Titans.
Because I’m leader of my alliance, it’s more complicated for me to go merc, even if I wanted to, which I don’t. It is structured so that you have to kill 67% of your titans. If you are an upper level player and you are in a place that doesn’t meet the requirements of the POV titans? You need to find a new place to fish. All the same, if the last level of titans is not done, but everything else is? You still win.

Is it that you can’t hurry up and finish it all at once?
If that is the case, delete the game and quit. You will always be unhappy if you want to finish it all at once. Embrace the grind.


Lol, assuming the goal for small giant is to increase interest in the game and get players to “buy’ the pass (which enhances their revenue), they should want events that players enjoy, do not find to be a hassle and provide adequate rewards for it to be worth investing the necessary time in. The only event that is difficult for me is the titans. My alliance is a good group but we are small. We don’t beat the titan every day. We the 6* titan is the maximum for us to beat we will not get all of the available points from that. 50 days is a grind. A shorter path with better rewards would make more sense FOR ME! It’s just my 2 cents and advice for the developers who mostly want to generate income.

Who told it works like that.
Don’t make a rush on killing titans.
Let’s everyone Hav their shares.
Kill that titan in final hour mark.
You will get the next one of same level.
It’s easy as you like. :blush:
POV making purpose is awakening of entire alliance. To help each other and play together. If you are a high level player, then go out and help other needy alliances with your remaining flags. :blush:

My 2 cents are there for you as well in my first comment.
Titan task is easy, don’t make a rush on killing it. Go slow, save the battle items, remind people to kill It in its final hour.
Take my words, you will like it all 2gether. GL. :blush:

Me liked POV so far.
My entire alliance had been got a awakening.
Helping each other, giving their suggestions.
Yeap, me totally loving it. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


Thanks for your thoughts. I’m 100% okay with where I am with POV. I will get all of the rewards and was so sure of it that I bought the valor pass the second it was available.

67% titans is easy, even at our level when we do not kill every single 14* that comes our way.

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The path of mediocrity is not quite as catchy. I think that moving to a shorter path with easier access to rewards makes it less fun. It is the marathon versus sprint mentality. I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying it. The good thing is you are not obligated to open the icon and attempt it.

Mercing titans isn’t too much of a chore either. Just scan global chat for about 10 seconds and you’ve already got a new alliance to jump to. I’m doing it casually when we are on titan pass, so it won’t hinder my alliance but also will meet the requirement.

I actually like the PoV. I like that there are short daily tasks and that there are longer tasks to complete. I think the 50 days makes it seem less rushed.