Path of Valor titan kills

The same thing is happening in our alliance. I contacted support and sent screenshots then got a reply from support after 9 days (it’s now been 12 days since the 1st report). Today they told me that the alliance member and I were in fact at the same amount of kills and that there was no bug… again I sent screenshots showing they were wrong. I don’t know what to do. And I’m pissed, I bought the valor pass and this is costing myself and others progress

That wouldn’t be the first time that the data and information that their support reps have access to is incorrect. The first war chest my 3rd account opened had the wrong participation percentage. Their response had bad information in it.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I paid for that stupid valor pack and now I feel like I’m being ripped off. I just wanted the level 50 telescope reward. If this continues I won’t even hit level 50 in time

It isn’t bug, but something could be improved. Groups of players jump together to kill nearly dead titans, use just one flag each, jump somewhere else to use rest flags for nearly dead titans. 6 killed titans per day, one flag for each titan. Jumpers do mess in matchmaking time. I believe it isn’t honest and jumpers could be stopped with max titans kills per day 1 or 2 and min flag usage per titan at least 3

@Starr1 Why do you think you won’t be able to complete it all? Where do you think you will fall short?

The titans. We’re a small alliance and it’s only going to get harder as the star requirement of the titans killed goes up. So them having it miscounted is going to end up hurting me and the others that have an inaccurate tally

How do you get to try the new heroes of the month before anyone else does i I’m pushing 3 accounts let me in lol

Short answer - there is no way to unless you are a Beta Testing.

There was a round of Beta Tester applications accepted at the end of last year.

Those applications are still being reviewed:

I have two accounts, both in the same alliance. We killed the titan before the Path of Valor started and I was logged into my main account the whole time. Half a day later I logged into my alt (Path of Valor was already going on), “collected” the titan loot from the titan that was killed before PoV and it was still counted for Valor challenge. Now my alt has one titan kill more than main acc.

So… working as intended?

The Valor Path Kills is tied to the collection of loot not the time that the titan actually is killed…

It’s why the “Valour Mercs” have to not just hit a titan that dies but stick around until the loot is distributed… leaving before loot = no Valor Path Counter…


It seems that’s the case…
Also, I don’t see the need for valor merc jobs. Any average alliance killing 6* and stronger titans can easily complete the titan valor challenge. With 21 days to go, we’re down to 11 titans needed to finish all the titan challenge levels.
The event challenge is the problematic one. If one can’t finish legendary events, it’s impossible to reach PoV level 50.

Thats a whole different discussion lol…

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@Petri @EmpiresPuzzles

I’m having the same issue. Several of my players have killed the same number of titans but the counter is not incrementing at the same rate.

He has one, I have zero.

And neither of us has left the alliance since POV started. You can see that our war counters in the lower right are identical. What is going on? I will be filing a bug report as well. It looks like about half of my alliance didn’t get credit for a titan kill we made, or got a kill credit for one we let go. No idea which is which but it’s very frustrating.

You will kill 9 titans in 17 days though so doesn’t really matter. For those struggling with 6* titans this could be an issue though since a few will be 5* titans and then every titan counts.

The issue stems from the fact that PoV counts the kill when you collect the loot. So, on your very first Titan the one with one more kill collected their loot after PoV started, while the one with one fewer kill collected before POV started.

EDIT: this is similar to the reason why you can hold off collecting your hero chest when it is fill until you move into a higher rewards level.


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1 alliance member has similar issue. We are 100% certain he didn’t miss a single titan yet his titan kills are 1 lower than the rest of the alliance

See post up here:

And on another topic:

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