Path of Valor Titan Challenge Not Counting (March 2021)

After doing mutliple titans in my alliance in the game, I’ve noticed that my PoV Titan thing isn’t counting these defeats. We’ve had a couple of passes a week ago, but we’ve been consistently striking down the titans and I haven’t even noticed this last challenge even count ONE defeat.

The titan chests, however, are continuing to count as normal. But this challenge task is still stuck at “0/9.” Unsure if any other players are experiencing this issue while every other challenge task is being counted as normal.

0/9 is one of the later challenges

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I know. What I mean is that I’ve been sitting at 0/9 for several days despite defeating at least 2 or 3 titans now. The chests are still counting them but PoV isn’t counting them like it should.

Are the titans 6* or higher?


Will be sure to check next time I pop back in.

Checked the last titan did. Time to close this thread down. Found the issue to just be the rarity. My bad. Lmao

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