Path of valor reward bugs

So it seems I was rewarded level 31 reward even before reaching the milestone. Screenshot shows the same. I still need 15 more points to reach level 31 milestone, but I received the award earlier.


@Petri you want check that

@MrGordonFreeman could you #contact-support so we can investigate this further? Please attach the exact time and date of the incident, if possible. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Submitted the report with all the relevant information, thanks!

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Well, I’ve realized something that might correlate with that problem: when collecting valor points from finished missions the progression bar did not move. However, after closing the screen and entering back again, the points were added to the progress. I did not manage to take a video of it, but might be the same issue?! :thinking:

Did you enter the valor screen once again and check, whether you reached the milestone that was already awarded? Maybe it’s just a minor bug of the progress bar?

It seems that was not the case. I did two daily missions after that that means 250 points. I went onto the next level and the points shown are 235/1210. So I was definitely 15 points short of milestone 31.

hey mates. I will not report some bug, but rewards for path of valor for non payers seems very low to me considering what effort is needed. One of two are empty, that seems kind of disapointing to me.

I have similar kind of problem. In my case I reached the mile stone, but I did not receive the reward.

Reward is not on my inventory.

I forgot… elite troop token is the one that is missing

Everyone receives the rewards on the right, but the rewards on left (including the elit troop token) are for those who pay for Valor pass, and I see you have not paid for Valor pass as there is lock on those rewards.

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