Path of Valor - Replacing titan kills with titan attacks

Killing a titan is not an action performed by a single player, but by an entire alliance. Titan kills objective can ruin alliances eco-system and moreover could be unfair for active players that can’t easly kill 35/50 titans inside their own ally.

So I would suggest to replace with titan attacks: 150 total (3 titan attacks * 50 days)

tier 1: 5 atacks
tier 2: 15 atacks
tier 3: 30 attacks
tier 4: 40 attacks
tier 5: 50 attacks

(total: 140 attacks). I think that 3 attack for every day with a margin of 10 days would be fair. 150 attacks total could be acceptable (but not so suggested). More than 150 would be unfair.

Don’t like this idea. There would be those who would hog the titan kills by using flasks and not let others hit. While those without flasks would be left without any hits on the titans. I think it’s too easy to manipulate IMO.


@LadySuzanne There would be absolutely no incentive for players to do this, and there’s plenty of opportunity worked in for weaker players to get their hits in at the end of the path even if this did happen occasionally at the start

I like how this would encourage conversation and cooperation in weaker alliances so that weaker players can have a chance to get all of their attacks in before finishing off a titan. With titan kills, everyone puts in 1 attack and gets equal credit for the challenge. There’s minimal incentive for small player doing 2k dmg to discuss anything. But if he/she can’t attack until late after the titan spawns, they need to vocalize that. And alliance leadership will need to respect these timing requests or risk losing members.

I feel like 3 hits per day is a little overly easy, think I’d add a sixth tier for another 60 hits. Make the points like 300/500/700/900/1200/1400, so that the final level is not critical for completion but a little more challenging than just “log in once burn 3 hits a day”, now requires occasionally a second log in or some flasks

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I like this idea. Actually, I proposed the same in another tread.

It could also be structured as “attack X consecutive titans” or “make 3 attacks on X consecutive titans” in order to discourage people from going crazy with flasks and hogging kills away from weaker players.

  1. Make 3 attacks each on 2 consecutive titans
  2. Make 3 attacks each on 4 consecutive titans
  3. Make 3 attacks each on 6 consecutive titans
  4. Make 3 attacks each on 8 consecutive titans
  5. Make 3 attacks each on 10 consecutive titans.
  6. Make 3 attacks each on 12 consecutive titans

That’s 42 total titans out of the 51-52 that will spawn during PoV. It discourages titan hopping for the sake of completion, while still allowing some time between runs to visit other alliances. It also doesn’t unduly penalize smaller alliances.


Fingers crossed instead of just tweaking the challenges. They come up with completely different ones. The framework is there for this to be completely new every time without much effort from coding.

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There are several challenges that we tested in beta that haven’t made an appearance yet. Hopefully we see some new ones in April.

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If there are people in your alliance who will “hog” the attacks using flasks, then you need a new alliance, or need to boot those greedy people out. It’s that simple.


I like this idea, it also helps those of us that choose to be in small alliances (ours has 3 players). Defeating 7 and 8 star titans with 3 members took lots of flags and is not sustainable.


No participation trophies for Path of Valor. Key word, Valor. Newp.


On top of that, I would say they need to add the ability to buy missed rewards (At the end / completion of Path Of Valour) using Gems. That way everyone is happy. :slight_smile:

Not an issue in my alliance. I don’t tolerate people taking advantage of my new players. I was simply addressing an issue raised in an earlier post

Do you mean buy rewards that you earned but didn’t collect? No need to buy those. They’re automatically collected when PoV closes.

If you’re talking about paying with gems for Valor points you didn’t earn, or buying the pass after PoV closes, then no. Not only no, but Hell no. GTFOH with that nonsense. You want the rewards, you earn them. If you aren’t strong enough, work on it for next time. If you didn’t play regularly enough, that’s on you, kitten. It’s Path of Valor, not Path of Deep Pockets.

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Think this would be better for
People in small alliance or on there own as may not get to 6* titans.
Being there choice of game play is different wouldn’t affect normal players in alliances either.
Gotta remember too the POV was a first time around. Can’t make the best thang for everyone on first try!

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also there’s the people who ne name alliance for the war chest did they do anything different during POV as titans could be a issue for them.
Is scarecrow still active?

I like your idea. It is another way that could be work very fine.

My main point (so I clarify the purpose better for those ones who don’t agree with) is that a titan is not killed by the single person who is doing the path of valor, but it is killed by various attacks performed in the ally you are currently in. The reason of the purpose is to find a way that is an objective that measure the “valor” of the every single player who is walking on the road of the Path of Valor.

Also attacks could be less or more. I measured 140 attacks total because are performable without using titan flasks. But also other idea like the NPNKY one is very cool.

EDIT: @SuuriKoira sorry I didn’t notice you already purposed this idea somewhere else

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I don’t like the idea to make things easier.
Simple, it’s a game!
It has to stimulate to grow.

Our alliance lost 5 players in the beginning of Valor.
So the first couple of titans we couldn’t defeat.
And with good working together, we managed to finish the path of Titans.

I think it’s a simulated path for the alliance to KILL those titans

Revising the titan challenge doesn’t have to be easier. It just changes it to reward individual efforts rather than tying it to group performance.

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No I mean that I wasn’t strong enough to complete the harder challenge events … The bosses are too hard on the Normal and Hard levels at the end of each challenge event.

Because of that I missed out on the Barbarian Emblems. (I missed out by about 700 points. Most likely would have completed PoV if I had managed to complete all the challenge events.)

That is why I was asking for the ability for buying the missed points with Gems.

I didn’t care about the rings… Already got plenty of those.

That gives you something to work towards in the future. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to complete those events, and the class trials to get more emblems