Path of Valor Rant

200 points less for reaching milestone 50 would also do.

I see what you are saying, and I’m not quite there yet in wanting to leave. Too many good players to abandon them. I still keep coming back to this point: this Path of Valor was supposed to be MY path, individual, this shouldn’t teach teamwork. It should be called Paths of valor, plural, if they want us to work as a team.


Maybe your path of valor isn’t the individual challenge of playing tasks, but instead coming to an understanding you need to leave your alliance. I know its hard to leave. I was over a year in my first alliance before I moved onto my second.

Be courageous and leave this alliance for a new one, that is your path :crossed_swords:

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The path of valor is built to help you improve every aspect of the game for yourself. From teaching you how to save tokens, to working as a team, to trying to actually win your raids by having to win an amount in a row, every single part of the path if you can complete it you know you will know what kind of player you are. Even if you dont complete but you know why I’m sure you will be ready for the next one. Good luck, and if you like the group then foot down, either work together or kick the bad out and find new. Plenty of good players out here.

Dont shut yourself off from progress in the game for anyone.


There’s been no talk of revisions yet, though it’s certainly possible we’ll see changes in future iterations.

Path of Valor is planned to repeat with roughly a 10 day gap between each one, so at the least, I expect we’ll see some different Valor Challenges.

In Beta, in addition to the current Valor Challenges, we saw Valor Challenges for Ascend Heroes, Win Raids with Barbarians in your Team, Open Wanted Chests, and Gain Experience — it’s possible we’ll see some variations of those or others in the future.


I left an alliance because we were hitting only 4* and 5* titans and I couldn’t finish pov. Also my new alliance let’s people merc like I did.

So there will be a new POV in April?

Is POV still in Beta now or you were referring to before?

This is what we know:

No, Path of Valor hasn’t been in Beta since before release.

I’m referring to what we saw then, which is detailed here: 🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

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This is the single best argument against the current POV structure I’ve come across. Well put. +1


The active people in your alliance should agree to form the core of a new alliance and add active players to fill out your roster. Rid yourselves of the ghost and cull the inactive chaff


This detail is really helpful; thanks very much for taking the time to spell it out!

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Or just create more leeway overall. Most of us hit titans, but some people don’t like – or have time for – war or raids, and could make up for that if there were additional categories adding up to ways to make, say, everything but the final level. Something like that would be nice…

I for one would consider buying it again if I knew (1) I had more of a chance, even though my schedule’s so busy, and, yes, (2), if I didn’t have to count on my team for a large part of it.

And no, Halifax, I’m never on the toilet long enough to do all this – especially for 49 days in a row! :joy:

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I just created an account to make a similar comment, so joining yours works well.
My bone with this that the level disregards lower levels rather than rewarding them.
Players paying money shouldn’t have to leave alliances to get the next reward.
Poor form E&P.

[quote=“Rosenberg95, post:32, topic:160951”]
And no, Halifax, I’m never on the toilet long enough to do all this – especially for 49 days in a row! :joy:

You are to do 90 percent of it though. Lunch break; commute; over breakfast or dinner; at your kids baseball or basketball game while their not on the court/field… there is time in all our lives to get’er done

Hey @WaffleWarriorBrister, join an alliance that hits their titans. Your more than welcome in Voidbringers, after the war is over as we are in “invite” only mode now.
Or join any of the other 1000’s of alliances that actually play as a team? They really are out there

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes. The game is not all math, no matter how much some players want it to be. Getting and keeping members in an alliance requires people skills.

As others have said, if you’re not the leader and the players aren’t of your level of motivation and dedication, leave and find an alliance where you’re a better fit.

But when you’re the leader, understand an alliance has to give in proportion to what it demands. Look at the successful alliances’ recruitment on every level. They say what they offer, whether it’s the prestige of a “Top 100” and the loot if 14* titans or support and instruction for beginners & intermediate players, a line room with videos and resources, or–what some value–an active chat of silliness, raunchiness or roleplay.

If it’s all “use your flags” and “we want to kill our titans in 4 hours” when THEY are trying to recruit YOU, then you can expect an alliance of, as you say, selfish people focused only on what’s in it for them. But if requirements are balanced with what’s in it for you, give them a shot. It costs nothing to leave. Not a gem, not a single ham. You literally have nothing to lose.


I won’t finish — it’s a bit to regimented / conformist for me to enjoy; but I’ll grind through my normal path and take the few of whatever pops out — probably already lost lol


This is flat out incorrect, and as an active leader of a training alliance borderline offensive in its ignorance and entitlement tbh. My alliance has 5 new players who work together beautifully and co-operate wonderfully. I’ve spent hours recruiting and slowly growing my alliance, helping new players grow and improve. No amount of teamwork or regular play will let us kill titans higher than 3 stars when 6 flags of hits from half the members does 10k damage. This challenge is bs for many (read: most) and there’s no other way to look at it. If sg wants to include titans in future pov they need to make it like most of the other challenges - participation based rather than victory based. Attack x times is probably the best solution, although do x damage is reasonable as well in order to encourage player growth from tier to tier. Otherwise they need to make it impossible to start alliances with fewer than ~15 people, and boot inactives from dead alliances/close small alliances so that there’s less competition for new active players.


Training alliances shouldnt be able to complete this at all so thanx for making the point we are. When you far enough into the game to want to complete it. You should be able to set yourself up to be somewhere to get it done. If a training allainces could complete this no one would waste there time with it and SG wouldnt get any money so no my friend YOU are wrong.

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@DoctorStrange that depends on how you define a training alliance. If you’re thinking of an alliance composed of an experienced leader to teach and a handful of low level new players learning, then no, they aren’t going to be able to complete it, nor should they be. But many training alliances are composed of a core handful of experienced players and a bunch of others of varying levels of experience, taking down 8-10* titans, winning wars, and growing stronger as a group. They’re called training alliances because they welcome new players and offer training instead of treating newbies as a burden. Magnificent Bastards is a training alliance by those standards, and we will have no trouble finishing the alliance-based milestones.

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