Path of Valor Rant

Come on over to Z’s Squadron of Aces… we’ve a solid core… slackers get ample warning then booted out of fairness to the committed members…we understand life comes first b4 a game but we’re all onboard to bettering the alliance… you’ll find the change to your benefit

There is nothing on the P.O.V that requires pockets at all everything I repeat everything in P.O.V. can be completed with a full set of vanilla heroes or and emblemed set of 4 stars, how do you buy war participation?? Challenge event completion, complete elite bosses, win raids, when tournaments, only the tournaments have a rebuild for them and it’s in gems you lose. You have to play to earn and if you can’t complete the events you shouldnt be worried about completing the path of valor you should instead be focusing on what you need to complete the events, raid better, do better in wars, everything you will need to be good at to progress further than a training alliance and enjoy all the free items along the way, log how far you made it and where you could have done better. It’s called Learning, you know that forgotten word before strategy guides when you actually had to figure things out.


@DoctorStrange I’m not sure who you think you’re talking to. I’m not a new player. I’ve written some of the new player guides myself.


Well considering i got, here a year later than you and are stats are similar, another gamer such as myself

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Yeah this guy lost any remaining “credibility” with phrases like “true gamer” and even further by extending comments on a forum about requirements to complete a mobile game event to attitudes in the workplace.

This is the kind of guy that sits in his cubicle with a stopwatch and complains to his manager when a coworker takes a 2 minute bathroom break or a 45 minute lunch. The perfect example of the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things”.

Ok boomer is the best response to guys like this. Well said.

It costs “successful players” (for lack of a better phrase) nothing if sg changes the titan level requirements to “use x # of flags” or “do x dmg to titans”. It’s a challenge meant to encourage daily play, and reward players for being active - and anyone who extrapolates this event to anything more than this is sadly deluded and/or lacking success in their own, real life. If every player in an alliance uses all of their titan flags then they are all being active and playing daily - why does it matter if they can kill a titan or not? How does it affect anyone else and what reason could anyone possibly have to argue against this beneficial change?

If some desperate players are so intent on protecting their (imaginary) status in this game then sg can slap a level requirement on each reward tier too eg you must be level 35 and have x points to unlock level 35, or maybe do it by batches eg player level 30 unlocks tiers 30-40, level 40 unlocks tiers 40+. I’m not a big fan of that but again, this kind of thing restriction would be in line with the actual goal of encouraging player growth and regular play in a way already done in many other areas of the game.

Some people smh

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Imaginary status lmao. I play the game the way it’s meant to be played and applauded SG for making something people could easily work for but needed to be regular to do. The amount of half full to pretty much empty alliances with people with tons of days missed was getting a little ridiculous. Good to see SG find a positive way to get some numbers on who is actually where and what they need to focus attention on to maintain regular logins. Titan hits is a dumb idea and any alliance can just hit a 2 star titan 1 time ever few hours then kill it at the end or not and skip do the same with low level titans meaning they dont learn anything at all.

I will always defend not dumbing things down so that people can use little to no effort and expect the same winning as someone who actually put in the time to.learn, level, and compete in all.aspects of the game to win an accomplished amount of prizes from the path and all.the things they completed during. With me making sure I have been on everyday and having a surplus of tokens I completed the summons challenge early just to get an actual take of how many items I recieved during that time making sure to screen shot items before and after which will help greatly In managing my c2p budget.

So just because I dont agree that it needs to be lowered I won’t stoop to the name calling and antics of the typical gimmie, lend me, can you spare player, and will stay In the lane of a gamer who enjoys a challenge and laugh at the people who think everything should be handed to them.

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You mean.the same restrictions on level.u have to be to make an alliance, to start season 2 or 3, to do the last level of the emblems quests? Yeah they already do that.

So you’re a developer now? How would you know this?

spelling aside, you must be trolling to write something like this. The irony is almost too much to handle

Glad to see you’ve demonstrated my point so succinctly, that you actually have no argument at all. people with valid criticisms who are against “dumbing down” usually at least try to make more valid arguments, guess i just have too much to “learnes” before I can be on your level.

As I’ve said (and many people agree with) POV is about completing daily activities that should be routine in nature. There’s nothing any dumber about making titan hits routine than there is to require heroes to be killed during raids, or summon heroes. Like I said, you must be trolling.

And finally, a guy whose highest titan damage is only 76k after a year of playing, lecturing others about “learning to play” (vs not just coasting on his alliance mates) is pretty rich. Well played.

I think it’s high time you excused yourself here and let the rational adults discuss how to adjust this event in future so that it is rewarding and achievable for all active players and not just “true gamers” like yourself. Cheers.


I made valid responses earlier in the post of you would take the time to look up instead of trying to point at grammatical errors and using this it’s too hard for new players being considered valid which in most cases is obvious that new players wouldnt be able to complete it but who am make the nonsensical make sense. You want some ideas to shake things up, out a rerun limit on the challenge event stagea then we will see who the real players are and who is just using their pockets.

Lmao yeah I dont use wu kong dont have tarlak, miki, rabvnir so I go for consistent regular hits versus one big one to prove anything unless I needed too. Sure j could do the titanium shield trick or many others but I like to stick to consistancy. Personnel preference upsets you now? I finish top 5 of every titan so I guess my 78k is enough. I will add you to the same list a few others are on. Good advice but act like a child as soon as someone doesnt tell them they are right or their opinion is not shared by others. I’m hope P.O.V. stays just as difficult as it is which isnt very difficult at all.

This guy has a higher titan hit than me, had killed the same level titan as I have, but a year more play and i have almost 1 thousand more more raid wins than him but i need to learn to play lmao.

This thread is kinda degenerating into personal attacks, and not staying on topic.
Opinions will always vary, and everyone plays differently, or have different priorities.
Nothing wrong with either scenario.
This is supposed to be for amusement, not criticism.
It’s not a pissing contest.
There will always be better (and worse) players.

Methinks the forum rules should be re-read by a few parties in this discussion, and at least posted here

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Funny thread. Nerds raging at each other about who is best at a game of random chance.


I started this, you’re welcome!!!

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

It’s simple, the Path of Valor is your own personal path that you alone are supposed to control, and it’s just ironic that the ONLY category that you CANT control is the one that can keep you from those 2 ascension materials on milestone 50: Defeat Titans.

It’s an individual event and they made it unfair by defeating Titans instead of fighting Titans. I do like the idea and most of the rewards are awesome, I’m hoping they see this flaw and make the necessary adjustments in April when it resets!

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Agree. Forum Rules can be found HERE.



Okay, all clean. GO! :grin:

@Rook I thought everyone’s favorite kitty might like this

Meet Kirby, my Roomba.


And THIS comment was on topic???

I think we were doing ok before someone tattled.

Before this one gets flagged, might as well shut down this dead horse of a post, I think it has run its course!

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Closed at OPs request.


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