Path of Valor Rant

Not sure if this dead horse I’m beating has been beaten on this forum or not, but in my alliance it’s been dead for a while!

I’m talking about Path of Valor, and while overall I am a fan, I keep coming back to this question: Is it MY Path or my ALLIANCE’s Path?

They only give 2000 points of leeway and SG thinks they are slick by making the last tier of defeat Titans 2,200 points. If it is MY Path of Valor, then I should be in charge of my OWN path, not the 8 inconsistent slackers in my Alliance who won’t attack.

This brings me to another suggestion…maybe next time they devise a Path of Valor for Alliances where we all work together to earn rewards???

Ok, pick apart, starting…NOW!!!


You could merc into other alliances to get the titan tiers completed. Seems to be a number of folks doing that. Guess it depends if going down YOUR Path of Valor is worth the effort or not…


That is what our Alliance agreed to, our Titan first and off a no go use extra flags to go Merc and you come back, even the leader left to pov Merc

Ah, so that’s why we’ve been getting people popping in and out of our alliance. Thanks!

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MY path is MY precious…we will do whatever it takes…PRECIOUS…


Why does your alliance tolerate the 8 slackers who don’t hit the titan? The Kick button is there for a reason



There are lots of alliances that don’t have slackers. Check out alliance recruitment.


Good question! The leader is ghost most of the time and I just brought up the fact that one person was 9 days gone and they talked about it but did nothing. We are NOT ultra competitive but a great core of people who care, we wouldn’t be on 10* Titans if we were totally incompetent. I wish things would change a little but am still happy with the overall group of people I’m grouped with.

Then leave, there are literally 1000’s of alliances. Find one with better people to suit your desires. Dead weight isn’t worth the time and leadership that wont do anything, then they’re not worth following. I made that mistake and held on to an alliance like that too long. You’ll enjoy the game more too.
See if the ones you are happy with would like to go too.


I can agree with this one. All of the other challenges are essentially around your own effort. The titan challenge though is hugely dependent on your alliance working together. The other result is to leave your alliance to merc. seems counterproductive. a better challenge might be to use x number of flags on titans maybe?

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Back to your original question, PoV does allow some leeway on all but one of the Valor Challenges.
For the Titan challenge, you can afford to let 1 titan out of every 3-4 escape and still complete all tiers. You have to complete all tiers to complete PoV.
For the Raid Tournament challenge, you need to average 15 attacks out of 25 per tournament to complete all tiers. You have to complete all tiers to complete PoV.
For the War challenge, you have to use all 6 flags in 10 wars out of 14 to complete all tiers. You have to complete all tiers to complete PoV.
For the Raid Opponents challenge, if you win half your raids and use 8 raid flags per day, you’ll complete all tiers. You need to complete all tiers to complete PoV.
For the Summons challenge, you need to make a total of 275 summons to complete all tiers. This includes free daily summons, silver tokens, troop tokens, epic hero tokens, costume keys, Atlantis coins, Challenge coins, Valhalla coins and gem pulls. However, you only need to complete the next to last tier to be able to complete PoV.

The only Valor challenge that offers absolutely no leeway is the Challenge Event one. Tier 1 requires you to complete all 15 levels of 1 tier of 1 event. Tier 2 requires that you complete all 15 levels of 2 more tiers. Tier 3 requires that you complete all 15 levels of all 3 tiers of the next challenge event. And you must complete tier 3 of that Valor challenge to reach level 50 on PoV.


You might consider creating a new alliance with the core members of the old one before the next PoV. Discuss it, set up an external chat app to keep communication if you haven’t already (Discord, Line, etc), have 1 person leave and create the new one, then everyone else comes over. If you have anyone who has the authority in the old alliance, have them set it to invite only with a trophy requirement of 4000 (to keep anyone from stumbling into it by mistake), and post in chat or the alliance description the name of the new alliance.

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I get it, and I have the list of scores, just seems unfair that I can’t necessarily control my own destiny on my own path. I’m all for them coming up with one for alliances to work on together. They should have made it ‘Hit Titans’ instead of ‘Defeat Titans’.

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@zephyr1, any talk about making adjustments to Path of Valor or bringing it around again later in the year???

I agree with your OP. I have raised similar issues elsewhere. Th Titan task is designed for alliances that kill at least 6* (my alt’s alliance doesn’t) and so doesn’t account very well with either very small alliances or alliances where for various reasons the alliance is happy to carry a few members.
The suggested solutions… leave the alliance if you are a daily player Or merc for titans seems a bit of social engineering to get everyone into the same sort of alliance. I think this one could be improved

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I agree with that. I don’t like the increase in “titan poachers” that that particular challenge has caused. I’d like to see a different challenge there, something that does not depend on the rest of the alliance. “Attack a titan X times” would be a good one. "Complete X stages of Rare Quests " is another, so long as they ensure that the number of rare quests that spawn is sufficient to complete the challenge.


Look at outside the asylum as an alliance great participation if your tp around 4k most likely you can join

Maybe they should reward the points partly, if any mission won’t be fulfilled completely. The titan mission is really hard for alliances with some sleepers and not every alliance will kick members, that play every 3rd day, but are good and loyal members for 100s of days.


I partially see the gripe some people have with the titan challenge but everything in the p.o.v. is designed for all players who embrace it to become better in every aspect of the game and one of those is TEAMWORK.

In order for an alliance to grow people need to learn to work together for a common goal. If you guys cant learn to work together just to kill some titans chances are you have constant no shows in wars and lopsided losses. I dont wanna be in a game like this solo dolo, if you do more power to you, but the game centers around a group of people pushing hard together to reach common goals and the titan challenge separates the men from the boys so to speak.

It’s good that you are upset people are no shows and not helping, let’s you know you are not in an alliance that’s meeting the goals you have for the game and if that’s the case, should have no problem leaving to find a better fit for your needs.


Yes, partial points or create more challenges to create more leeway to make up for the Titan tiers. I’m lucky our Alliance still defeats 8-9* Titans pretty regularly and competes hard against 10*s, lots of alliances miss out on these points.


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