Path of Valor (PoV) is getting absurd and worthless

With the upcoming Path of Valor opening in few hours, I want to see how much part of the community has the same feeling as me.

I find that PoV started as a good idea that added a new dynamic and some interesting rewards.
However, the last 2 PoV’s have become quite useless and a waste of money, especially for those spending the big bucks on the extra-premium one.

Here are my thoughts in detail:

  • Missions: The missions of achieving a number of summons is extremely hard to reach even for 95% of the player base. The mission of the daily missions also allows to miss only 3 daily missions, which is 1 entire day. I understand that PoV was created to “stimulate” players to really login daily, but these requirements are just absurd.
  • Level Rewards: Honestly speaking, besides the summon coins and the 4* ascension materials, the rest of the rewards are extremely “meh”.
  • Avatars: Before there was the excitement of getting the avatars from the fresh new HOTMs. I find it ZERO rewarding to get old avatars from even older HOTMs.
  • Final chests: This one is just absolutely ridiculous. My last 2 final “premium” chests were not better than an elemental chest that appears every x time. Not a minimum assured prize, which makes it worthless because you’re playing the same RNG odds that you have in the whole game. And about the “regular” chests, don’t even get me started… My daily mystic vision rewars are usually better. They are an absolute DISGRACE.

Having said all this, after - I believe - 8 PoV’s paying for the premium package, I won’t be paying for the upcoming one unless they come with an unexpected revolution.

What are your thoughts on all this?


How does that work?
The rewards are nearly exactly the same as always. The free is the same. The 10€ is the same.
Only difference you get some useful things at lvl 50 instead of completely useless pictures, although I can understand when someone liked those avatars.

So can’t see any difference with the last 2 if you compare them to the first few.

The only thing new is the 3rd offer for 30€. The consent about that is, it’s :poop: and you shouldn’t buy it.

Don’t know, f2p here and with f2p I mean completely also without vip and no problem summoning enough, started with nearly 0 coins in the last one, at the moment I’m already at 80 coins for the next

You can miss around 30 and still finish easily, I don’t bother with them at all, and till now always reached milestone 50. The extra chests after that aren’t worth doing more dailies if you don’t want to but a nice bonus for those who do. Unlike before, where the effort and extra points were just waisted.

Same since the first, so don’t know why you liked them before?

Yes, can understand that, some in my alliance are also disappointed.

For F2P and 10€ p2p you get the same as before and the chest as bonus. Can’t understand how someone can’t like them. They could cancel them again and make it like it was before. It seems some people would rather like to get nothing instead of a little bit.

And if someone still pays 30€ after seeing what’s in those chests after the first time they bought it and reading about them in the forum, I would say nothing to do there, some people just have to much money.


I don’t find that PoV has changed at all since they changed the 4* mat from level 50 to 48. I don’t buy the pass, I don’t buy VIP, and I have still somehow managed to complete the summons quest in the last two PoV’s. Even if I didn’t, my goal is level 48 for the mat and anything beyond that is just gravy.

With the chests now it is actually more useful to get to 50 as the avatars were completely useless for me.


For me I still think the PoV are worth doing, I’m ftp, but am a late game daily player, so it only takes a few minutes to complete the daily tasks - sometimes it means I do things I wouldn’t normally, but none of them are particularly onerous.

Most of the long-term challenges are just stuff I do anyway (wars, titans, raids, daily tasks, defeat enemies, gain experience, summons etc.), there is leeway to miss the last stage of a couple of these and I’ve never had trouble finishing the PoV.

The two Valour challenges that I disliked appear to have been removed from the rotation (Raid tournaments and levelling up heroes - although the latter just 'cos it was a waste levelling 1 and 2* heroes). The Challenge events one was also removed, although that didn’t bother me so much.


I still think POV is worth it on the “free” level.
But not sure as players progress that it’s worth paying.
I would continue to pay if they added a tome and a Damascus blade to rewards. To alternate on a monthly basis. The other mats are plentiful

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It’s boring. It’s free rewards. It takes going a little out of the way in order to get the rewards. Not that much different than filling your monster chest.

It’s a valuable addition to the game for both SG and the players. More rewards and more revenue.

I’d love to see where this stat came from. It’s not required to finish it to get the valuable loot. Any active player can achieve it. If you’re not an active player, then I can see why SG doesn’t want non actives to be as rewarded.

Don’t pay for the highest level. You’ll be much happier.


I think it is still worth it, but it is tight finishing everything on a f2p account. Moving the mats to level 48 was very helpful


Are you staring at your phone waiting for ducks?

Wouldn’t it be great if just one time…
A peasant flipped you the bird for getting bonked on the head?

Do you find it…

To go do underwater runs during S4 while a mythic Titan is afoot along with some other vanilla Titan that your alliance is falling behind on because they also have underwater runs to do while there is also a war and tournament going on.
Oh look, a trial just popped up…

Let it go!

It’s easy… like this:


I don’t even look at the PoV anymore.
If something got accomplished, great…
free stuff.
Otherwise, your children need the attention more than the peasant


albabug: I gave you a like for the effort you put into your post.

I’m not a fan of valour chests replacing the HOTM avatar. I am one of those players who like to collect avatars, and for some like @Pandita it was a fun way to show your alliance that you completed POV.

For dedicated long term players, I think the daily challenges are easy to complete. It is most likely a big ask for newer players, and impossible to complete for those who miss anything more than 3 dailies (so one day).

Having written that, it was not usual for players to post that they were missing credit for daily challenges (due to player misreading the # required to complete). So perhaps it was changed to prevent those threads getting posted.

The free rewards are okay; I’ve never purchased a POV pass… It is optional to participate in POV.

I don’t care for the addition of old HOTM avatars. I’d always wanted a Seshat avatar, since she is my first HOTM. It doesn’t matter though, since I have never purchased a POV pass.

The regular valour chests have been 100% awful for me. I have shared all of my free chests in Tea’s thread. The postive thing is I’m not going to bother trying to open as many valour chests as I can.

It is not worth reaching POV 50 for the free reward. 48 is good enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s wait and see if there are Aethers in POV 11.

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Either way half of the playerbase is going to quit because of it


good advice! knowing that I can skip some daily challenges, and still get the ascension mat at level 48, has helped a lot. sometimes I just skip some of those annoying “do X underwater stages” ones when I’m really pressed for time. or, I do easy stages on autoplay (like I do when I’m farming for the monster chest anyway lol)

unless i’m sitting in the train, then I need something less boring to overcome the commuting boredom lol


I for one am thoroughly impressed by the well thought out and unique new challenges in this most recent PoV.

I couldn’t go far enough to say someone actually put some effort into this round of Fifty Days of Vacuous Timesink.

I am particularly inspired by the unaddressed fact that if you complete all tasks you’re still left with an unfilled valor chest at the last day…Like most aspects of this game where your supplementary efforts are rounded down to nix and neglected.


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At this point I’m completing them more at fun purpose

If you never spend your silver tokens and save them up it’s very easy to finish the summons. I did the last pov and still have 140 silver token saved up. Also saving your ETT and such.

Understand your frustration tho.

I’ll also be stopping at 48 …

I’ve only bought the 9.99 pov 2xs but I cannot help but see that it’s a amazing deal still.

Gems plus ascension item and other summons… if I could I’d buy it every time to be honest. Everyone forgets all the gems they get for pov. ESP if you buy it.

But yeah I umm. @SamMe I only bought those 2 pov because of the avatar… so this is getting pretty pointless and lame.

I agree to a degree with you.


I liked the avatars, but elemental chest equivalent is ok too. Valor chests are kind of rubbish (bar the very rare examples of astonishing RNG) but the upside of that is that if you miss some you know you’re not missing much.

I’ve bought normal level Valor Pass since it started (including this morning); it’s pretty decent value for my purposes. Watched what everybody got from the higher rate one and came to the conclusion that it might be worth doing at half the price but definitely not at 30 quid.

I thoroughly agree with those who’ve said there should be Damascus blades and tomes in the mats rotation.


I agree the last chests are insignificant, and a waste of time.

The summons are challenging and Once I complete the summons challenge I start saving my summons coins for the next POV. So I am at the 35 level now because I have been hoarding my summons coins since last POV.


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POV to me has become a slog only for the daily tasks because I want to finish everything. When the tasks seem like a penalty for what you are doing for example: complete four special stages in mudapheim during Atlantis rising, special quest and emblem quest. They seem to make it a royal pain 3 out of 7 days. As for the mega Valor chest I agreed with it being useless until this happened. Ot banking on it happening again until next year!


Anyone smart to tell me what happened with POV start date… On 24 August the count down was 12 days…

This was the SG explanation

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