🧭 Path of Valor (PoV) -- General Information & Discussion [MASTER THREAD]

They should and I bet it will be fixed in the next release but I wouldn’t chance it working at the moment. They did fix the S4 underwater ones this release.

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Is it just me who sees this is an identical PoV with the previous one?

I mean, those challenges used to change from one PoV to another…


Also sorcerer emblems again. Why not cleric to follow the previously established pattern?


I am “happy” to announce October 25, the official #bugday :sweat_smile:


Yep, sorcerer emblems were featured in POV before the last one, I expected cleric emblems this time. I hope they fix it.

I sent them a support request regarding the Omega Quest & Valor Challenges.

Finger crossed. :v:


Yup what a mess. 20 characters


Or is it they’re holding purple aethers and cleric emblems to ransom, lol. “Pay up or you won’t get ‘em”

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Players complain about the lack of predictability.

SG: Hold my beer!

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I have 3300+ sorcerer emblems and 23 darts. My short of tome means I will not be able to consume these 23 darts any time soon.

This will likely be my first time skipping purchasing PoV and it is an easy decision.

They’ve fixed the PoV & the Omega Quest!

Best solution ever: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh okay. I’m not the only one who noticed that we had this pov right before the last one. Did anyone already report a bug? I went through the bugs but can’t find it.

Maybe it’s not a bug. Maybe they decided to go from the bottom to the top alphabetically this time :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Anyway. I created a new bug report.


…It’s just another manic Monday (Woah, woah)…


It’s not just the emblems. The mats are also wrong.
It should be rings and tonics not darts and tabard :rofl:

Edit: just seen @Patrick09 bug section report


Some players may already have purchased the $30 for the Valor Points, and may already have gotten those emblems. It would hurt them if the rewards got changed and they weren’t compensated for the changes made

Usually I would have bought already. But the $10 one.

So yeah, just as with the aethers, I think we’ll have to stick with the current one. There isn’t any easy fix.

But, I’m glad we got Zim and Evelyn as avatars this time since they were skipped last time

thank you all for confirming that I am not going crazy…

has SG broken the space-time continuum with everything they’ve been doing?

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