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Yep they are all in for the money now.

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I read all the comments on this post and i’m going to tell you all my opinion… I personally buy the valor and completed … and my “Elite chest” was worst than the normal… in other hand, one of my college from aliance received Damascus Blade and Orb… I’m happy for him … but since we (me and rest who payd money for the elite valor) why don’t we get the same loot?

Tournament,war, titan loot i understand because its based on ranking…and demege… but here its something pay… loot that we all payd the same amount of money.
Its not fair… hope “Empires and puzzles staff” reconsider the chest loot and put same loot for everyone who payd the money.


I thought the idea behind the expensive POV offer, was to provide those who couldn’t normally complete all 50 levels to have some help (9k points of it)?

Surely we all knew the ‘extra’ loot would suck?

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From my point of view the whole chest surplus was more meant to make you try at all cost to complete all missions (and for so, playing more and need more strenght).

Sure, buying the valor pass is the cherry on the cake for them, but as we can see from our monthly schedule they are trying to filling any minute of our day with this game.

More time in the game which lead in more chance to spend, more feelings invested in it, more desire on items/heroes.

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Some people like avatars. I couldn’t care less and only ever worried about reaching level 48 previously.

But when the result is the equivalent of tapping Mystic Vision, it is making a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Farming 8-7 is less work and gets you more. And I think that is why the sense of disappointment exists.


Today with the missions of the trail I’m really getting acid blood yesterday you wanted three dragon attacks today you want three bomb attacks it doesn’t look like you’re exaggerating these objects a little bit then in the trunk of the path they don’t go back to it is not that maybe you are doing something wrong??? And I’ve been all too nice the ■■■■ you give you can keep it

I need to make a correction…

I was wrong… the free side needs to have a avatar… lots of things are effected…

The entire alliance is effected is a bad way for game play…

When someone reached the end of valor they put on their avatar… this encouraged other to PLAY THEIR GAME… and then slowly the ones that finished would all wear their avatar…

NOW? nobody gives a care about finishing because the free side loot is …
(ok I know I’m usually positive person about everything)
(so brace yourself)

it’s bad it’s very very bad … there needs to be a troop token… something even one in there … it’s literally pointless…

ok sorry I’m done… I hope someone reads this… I don’t expect a 4* mat or something…

also there needs to be a way to know who finished that was actually a tactic that was used to make ppl play and buy it… removing this is bad for the game getting money and bad for the players playing…

we dont’ have fun… they don’t get money… sorry needs adjusted…



I really should have checked this thread before this weekend.

I calculated that I wasn’t going to get to the chest for POV without completing the Diamond raids set because I was going to be short on the dailies having missed a few along the way.

Unfortunately I am at the level where I am pinging back and forth between high platinum and low diamond and it can take several days just to fill my raid chest because most of the teams I am coming up against seem to be at least 500TP above me.

But I had over a dozen raid flasks sitting in my inventory and I figured with a bit of time and a lot of luck I could get the last 52 diamond raid wins I needed to finish POV.

It took me the best part of Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening. I did raid after raid, eating up my flasks, winning some, losing others, falling back into platinum a couple of times, but then rising up to get my highest level of cups ever (2715 - though it fell drastically overnight - unsurprisingly).

It took every single one of my flasks and I only had two flags left when I finally got that last diamond win to get the chest and complete POV.

Needless to say I wish I had saved my flasks after I saw the contents of the chest. I have had better loot from Mystic Vision and even the recycled Goblin Balloon.

Getting to the end of POV should at least give you some reward worth having. Okay, not everyone likes avatars, but there is at least some comparison for value by looking at the cost of the ones in the store. The contents of the chests are just insulting. The free one at least. I didn’t pay for POV and have no intention of doing so, particularly after reading this thread.

Next time, I will consider POV completed when I get to the 4* mat level.

Just REALLY wish I had checked this thread before I wasted all those flasks.

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I tracked my summons token collection by week:
29, 27, 23, 32, 32, 26
That was 169 with one week left in POV. Add in 50 daily summons and I’m at 219. That’s only 56 other summons that I need to do. I do about 30 every Ninja Tower.

I still advise everyone save when they can, but even if you don’t it’s not too hard for any active f2p player. If you’re not active, it won’t be easy.


Please advise.
I finished POV and opened 4 extra chests. If i buy the normal Valor pass, will i be able to open 4 boxes from the chest or only 1 that is on milestone 50?

Only 1 with the normal pass.

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Thank you, very much

There been a few pov now yeah…
I can’t recall a complete S2 fast mana stage… :thinking:
Have underwater and Fogg…

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Have you noticed that the new Path of Valor has lousy rewards? compared to the previous ones, the prizes are 3 times lower.
poor in gems and emblems, poor in tokens, it always costs the same but the prizes have been significantly lowered

What levels are lower than they were previously? I’ve noticed some emblems got cut by a third on the free side, but it’s >90% the same.

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I remember that the emblem cut was simply to correct a mistake. For one reward of free emblems, it was the same as the paid PoV reward.

Thus technically free emblems were cut. Knowing it was an error, I do not count it as a proper reduction of free emblems.


Or to put it another way: they haven’t lowered the emblems from the regular amount, they accidentally gave too many one time.

I don’t know exactly what levels, I don’t remember the rewards of the past ones.
But it is clear that the paid prizes are ridiculous.
I calculate in mind how much the paid prizes are worth and in the past times they were worth the cost, this time not!
(sorry for my bad english, I’m using google translate)

I was really interested if this statement stands true, to comparison (spoiler it doesn’t)

Not knowing is never good if you want to make a point.

Maybe, that’s why I stopped buying them and everything else a year ago, but has to decide everyone for themselves.

Don’t know how you calculate it when you don’t know what you got.
There are threads were you can look up past rewards. I was curious and compared the pov 8 rewards with the on-going one. Wonder over wonder they are the same.
Of course it changed what you get, last time green trainers, this time dark, the 4*, 3* mats is different, the emblems are different, there are other ascension mats and crafting ingredients and battle items.
But you get exactly the same number of mats and in the same rarity than before. So they have exactly the same worth now than the last time.
Maybe you don’t like some of the things or don’t need the emblems, but that doesn’t make the pov worth more or less for anyone else.


There you go, spoiling a perfectly good argument with facts again, fie upon you!

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