🧭 Path of Valor (PoV) -- General Information & Discussion [MASTER THREAD]

Because rewards from war are underwhelming to say the least? Especially given the time a warchest requires to be opened.

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:rofl: You really seem into war there @Ultra!

I’m not. :sweat_smile:

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I hope that the “Summon Heroes or Troops” Challenge will replaced by the “Level up a Hero” Challenge which only appeared in POV4. I’m not talking about a general replacement but about a variation between leveling and summoning.

Maybe every third POV should be leveling instead if summoning.


Just wondered if anyone else had the same feelings about the Path of Valor as I do.
One of my challenges is to win 60 raids in the Diamond tier Raids and I am far from Diamond tier. This is not possible at my current state of the game.

I have had to pass others that wanted me to for example Complete 4 Season 3 special stages as well. I have no Season 3 special stages open, because I am not strong enough to progress in those yet.

Should the Path of Valor challenges not scale with you?

My personal view if SG are going to set a POV task for the numbers of raid wins - is that it shouldn’t be tiered at all.
A win should count as a win irrespective of what tier you are in


Exactly! It makes no sense man! For what reason would you put that requirement on a challenge like that?
You have no control over the other players (besides buying a shield), you can hit Diamond tier and overnight be blasted all the way back to bottom platinum or lower!

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Path of valor is much less about valor and more about just doing something different and often suboptimal (temporarily) for rewards.

Many challenges are difficult for lower level and less active players.

SG might be missing out on money for those players who would pay if they could do those challenges.

Summary: POV doesn’t make a lot of sense but I enjoy it for the free rewards


Well, I’ve opened 4 of the extra valor chests, and I have no problem saying they are trash. Absolutely no incentive at all to buy the more expensive valor pass at all. When the highlight of these chests are a 10k food or iron bundle - and they do not get better the more you open. It’s trash. ZERO incentive to do it again.

That is the general opinion of all the players of a Line group I am in.
They have all reported “poor” loot drops from the extra POV chests

Guys and gals, I’ve been playing for 4 yrs now and I’m blown away at the garbage loot from the 29.99$ purchase I made from the POV!! I can not believe the loot they gave and so far all the chest after. It’s by far the biggest disappointment on any purchase I’ve made in this game and that’s pulling like 10 Baldurs! It’s worse than that! Idk what to say except plz save your hard earned money. I hate to know of anyone else purchasing this and expect to get 4* mats, eht, ett cause you will not. I posting the loot that I have received from it as warning to not waste your $$! This is all I can do in an attempt to help ppl to not fill the designers pockets for absolutely nothing! I know I’ve heard of others and members in my alliance that got just as bad loot as I did. So, please save you $$


There’s no extra loot from the $30 offer, that chest is the same one you’d get from the $10 offer. All it gets you is extra points to open more of the small standard bonus chests from the right when you go over level 50


Seriously how are people not comprehending this?


Yeah i got the same bullsh*t loot, what a waste

Never again, feel like a sucker who was born every minute


I was born 1 min after you…I won’t be buying the mega valor pass next round.

I’m really disappointed that there are no avatars for completing POV anymore. It use to be a proud moment for many, especially lower level players/F2P/C2P, to put up the new avatar upon completion. Now, it’s not look what I completed…it is now, look what I spent. A costly lesson learned for me…


agree with all, I was hoping ekipe 29.99purchase will have all additional chest Mega chests and free and 9.99 players after 50lvl small chest. this will be worthy and people will pay for few gembling chest and possibility to get good stuff(that is still low but)

The screenshots of the rewards you show here arent even the crappy pov-chests, imagine #1 is VIP reward and imagine #2 is the mega chest, which you get only 1 and dont need expensive pass for that. But yes, the 9 or whatever extra chests you get by buying the premium pass arent worth the money.

Never again and I’m sure all who bought will also see when you spend that kind money you should be garinteed at least some 4* assension materials that almost everyone needs the kick that was received was worse than completing a lvl in Atlantis I get more from that and free videos then these stupid things you people aught to be ashamed of yourselves for tricking people that this a good thing it awful and everyone should get there money back never again will I gv you money without something in return this was highway robbery

This POV and the new event are the biggest scam since Vela and Telluria release and nerf.

This game do not deserve our money !

Nobody was tricked, they just didn’t read the information that told you exactly what you get for the money. Not what is in the chests, to be fair, but what kind of chests you get for the extra money. A wise person would have waited until they got to level 50 and opened one to see what it was like before plumping for whichever offer. But no, you’ve gone bulling ahead assuming it was going to be better than the printed information told you. And you’ve been playing this game how long? Getting crap chests since day 1? C’mon guys, anyone can make a mistake, we’ve all done it at some time or other, don’t beat yourselves up about it, but calling this a scam is ludicrous. If they’d said mega chests and hadn’t delivered mega chests you’d have a point. But they didn’t. It was also explained quite clearly on the forum, this very forum you’re on now, in fact at the top of this very thread you’re posting to complain on. Disappointed, maybe (we’re all used to that feeling by now!). But furious? Get with the plot.


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