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Exactly my point — if we can hack a Rare spawning simultaneously with all the current madness (including the you-hate-having-WE PoV daily), then the SG contention of “it would be uNfAiR to have a Rare even in the same week as an Omega”…

:cow2: :poop:


At least Path of Giants does not have Map related quest today.


Actually kinda a shame, since it would be essentially free (guaranteed to overlap doing one stage from each season) :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead? (Raid)^6



To be fair I dont think a poor apprentice at SG/Zynga hand picks the pog quests.
It is just unusual RNG “luck” :rofl: that gave us the six raid quests today.

Yeah, although I had to use a flask to finish the last Covenant, so then I had “spare” to do the POV challenge, I still have 8 flasks left so I don’t mind. Those will be used for AR I think, I need me some adventure kits and bones

Hunt 10 :duck: in POV. I’m seeing only 2 ducks at a time. Change in migration patterns? Climate change or SG making us stare at the screen a little longer with the hope we click on any of the 20 offers available?

The bats are there but they are smaller, faster and harder to see against the dark clouds. On the plus side there appears to be two flights rather than one.

Zooming in will help a little too.

Well, the day was selected by the players in a poll, so don’t blame SG for this.

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Thought it was a tie between Monday & Wednesday - so SGG/Zynga would have cast the deciding vote.

As @Oxide pointed out, one of two days – and SG did actually choose when all the rest of the stuff was going to spawn.

I mean, it’s a little rich to ask players to vote on “what day do you want Rare-and-not-Rare quests” if it’s out of context.

A cynical person might suspect that the whole “vote” thing was to… well…

  • provide a veneer of “listening to the players” (with a vote!) while substantially disregarding what we actually asked for (more regular and more Rare quests, not fewer)

  • turn the conversation from something players are fairly unified on (“we actually want Rares to be regular weekly events”) to something that can be used to divide player opinion (i.e. that “which day of the week” was necessarily going to be divided to at least some degree, oh, seven different ways)

  • know that however the vote turned out, some pileup would happen (or “happen”) on any given particular day of the week, influencing some at least players to make the very argument that “those who voted for Wednesday/Monday/whatever are to blame!” (you know, instead of the company that actually runs the game and all the events)

Also, there was a better option potentially available to us, just not included in the poll:

#MakeRareQuestDayAllWeek (literally let the quest just stick around for the full week, and folks can do it when they want, everyone wins; thanks to @Xisinia )


To get back to my original point

Forget about which particular day of the week, because that was never the point.

Players can and will do Rare quests even when there is a pileup of other events to do. So pretending that having an Omega in the same week as (and not even necessarily overlapping) a Rare is problem for players?

Flimsy, contrived excuse.

  1. There is no reason that other events should necessarily pile up on Rare-and-not-Rare Quest Day. That’s SG’s choice.

  2. There is no reason that Omegas should pre-empt Rares. That’s just SG moving the goalposts from “we used to state that Challenges should maybe pre-empt Rares, even if they didn’t necessarily overlap, now we state that Omegas WILL pre-empt Rares, even if they could easily not overlap in the same week.”

  3. Rare-and-not-Rare Quest Day really is hardly even more regular than the old version of Rare quest day, given that once a month Omega is planned to pre-empt the Rare (which it never used to do), plus that there are (allegedly) four “floating” Rares a year to “make up the numbers”… to fewer Rare quests than we were already recently getting.

There is a simple solution to all of this mess.

One Rare quest every week, regularly, 52 Rares per year.

(Ideally, without necessarily piling other quests on the same day, but as I noted above, if there is even some partial, much less mega, pileup, players will do the Rare quests even so.)

It is a hilariously small ask, given the explosion in the rate of hero release over the last few years (never mind that 2LB for 5* now consume max-level ascension items as well). It is, in fact, what we were asking for before SG decided to offer us fewer Rare quests per year than recently.


True, but the context was known. All these other tasks are in the calendar. The only surprise was that on Atlantis week the quest will be Omega, not normal rare.

Is it really a surprise though? As I understand it, Atlantis Rising was shortened (and Valhalla Forever didn’t include an increase in loot from levels) because AR was considered comparatively too rewarding. Is it too cynic to think Miracles of Omega is being used as a bit of a world energy drain to further marginally soften all those “phat lootz” we are raking in during AR?

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Except that people weren’t voting when to have Rare-and-not-Rare-Quest Day on the week of October 16, they were voting on when to have such a day, oh, presumably forever (given how long it took to get SG to change how Rare quests work at all).

Regardless of what anyone did or didn’t think about the current month’s calendar, one can’t know with certainty the exact calendar for coming months or years, which makes most any “day of the week” vote kind of a crapshoot outside of betting on currently-actually-regular events to mostly stay that way.

A tie if you are only counting whole, rounded percentage points, as the forum poll shows. Wednesday was (at least theoretically, assuming no behind the scenes shenanigans) ahead on raw vote. Maybe it was something like 20.4% Weds, 20.1% Mon, showing both as 20% rounded, but one ahead of the other.

I know SG has done very little for us to assume good faith in the poll results, so if you choose to doubt that, so be it.

My premium and free chests.
I got a tonic from mv and crap from pov premium. Typical


This month I got a Tome of Tactics + 3 silver tokens and some other garbage. Still meh, for “premium” rewards that you pay for and get after a month of completed missions.

yeah, I’ve never even considered paying for premium PoV rewards. between PoV and PoG, I would consider paying for PoG rewards instead - at least I get aether crystals…

The chests, even the one “premium” one, meh. Meh meh meh meh.

I don’t even consider that when looking at cost of PoV premium, just compare to “would I buy summons or gems at all, ever?”

Let’s compare some of those to near-optimal pricing elsewhere, assuming buying PoV through webportal:

4 EHTs @ USD0.625 (compared to “8 for USD5” deal) = USD2.50

3 challenge pulls, 3 untold tales pulls, 2 covenant pulls all at ~ USD1 = USD8

1000 gems @ (USD0.50 per 100) = USD5

That’s already a bit over USD15 one would likely pay for that stuff ala carte —assuming that summons and gems are things one would buy —and only USD10 paid.

And that doesn’t include all the other stuff which is now effectively “free” even if you find the above gems and summons worth, say, only USD10 to you:

1 alpha aether
1 5* aether
160 emblems
6 big food chests, some loot tickets and flasks, and a bunch of lesser stuff

Now, of course, for anyone who doesn’t care specifically for much or anything on this list, there’s no reason anyone should feel like they should buy PoV premium “because it’s there” — but if you’re ever going to buy summons or gems anyway, and if you are doing the work to complete PoV anyway, it seems like one of the better ways to turn money into game resources.


I agree. PoV is the only paid i made in the last few months … I would skip some if I dont need the coressponding emblems or ascension items in that month’s PoV … PoV mega chest is just a additional bonus giving some 3* am and some good emblems sometimes