🧭 Path of Valor (PoV) [28 day long version] -- General Information & Discussion [MASTER THREAD]

I did the Hard Stages on Season 2 - 20 with dark enemies, it took 2 runs for dark enemies, but it helped kill 2 birds with one stone

Premium chest and free chest combined

Hello i searched but i do not find an answer. Is it possible to finish the PoV withour doing any Wars?
Has somebody checked it before?

If by finishing you mean reach the chest Reward at Milestone 30, then yes.

All the Valor Challenges including the Wars will total for 2,500 points when completed. If you complete the Challenge Event, Towers/AQ and ToL/Costume Chamber points (750 each), it will be more than enough to compensate for those 2,500 points.

You can check the image in this earlier post for the calculations of what you can miss.


Well this is a pain, i decided to upgrade my Barracks yesterday and what challenge do we get today? Yep, use 2 troops to gain experience haha. Failing one challenge is not bad though, so it’s fine, although I prefer completionist.

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That’s the problem with the Paths Of Adventure running back to back. Probably the best bet is to wait for a troop challenge and once that’s completed then start the upgrade. (Still no guarantee of course.)

But at least, as you say, there is leeway for missing quite a few challenges - even the bigger ones.
For instance: I can’t complete the raids in diamond arena but will still complete the PoV.

(Doesn’t help with your completionism though.)


This month’s free & “premium” rewards


Darts from a regular Valor chest, not the premium side.

That was a nice surprise


I got rings… Think from giant… But a 4* feeder isnt bad.


finish Alliance quest, i have 975/1000 points for last chest… :rofl:

I missed 1 challenge but when i noticed this i was less annoyed… 25 short would annoy me more.

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Ive always wondered… why does pov/pog start/reset 1 hour after events and portals open? Is it done deliberately?


Well, at least it matches with tournaments and I think that’s more important considering all the raid-related challenges.


Yeah, I think it’s more that tournaments start/end 1 hour later than all the normal event/portal start times.

I could see how someone would wait until a portal opens, spends some pulls, and get feeders that can be used to level up heroes for the next tournament day. I’m getting Villiers who is in my defense to 75 with 30 minutes left right now actually. And though I’m not pulling from Morlovia yet (waiting for October HoTM), that is one option to power-level him.


Strange that Untold Tales stages do NOT count towards the PoV challenge “Complete 3 underwater map stages:confounded:


yeah, a bit annoying… I’d rather use my WE to finish Untold Tales, than to replay Atlantis when it’s not Atlantis Rising…

thanks, Path of Valor, there’s nothing else I wanted to do with WE today

:stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face: :man_facepalming:


yeah, with all of this missing, Path of Valor is the easy skip for me!

(and find crafting materials II/mine iron, of course) :stuck_out_tongue:

but Covenant Quest, CoE and Mount Umber take priority…

I think if we can have a Rare spawn nigh-simultaneously with Covenant and Super Elemental (and W3K as well, for what it’s worth)…

…that we can freaking handle a Rare quest spawning during the same week as an Omega.



Meanwhile the Rare quest is popped in too :slight_smile: