🧭 Path of Valor (PoV) [28 day long version] -- General Information & Discussion [MASTER THREAD]

No. Some speculation in the master thread

/20 charssss of answer

That moment when the missions reset at 11 AM and you wake up at 7 AM.

Mission: complete 3 quest stages
Me, going to quests screen:

Edit: I guess it’ll be easy. Tomorrow I’ll complete 3 challenge stages and I’m done. This time I was kind of lucky.


I had the same concerns too, but was hoping the battle items 2 quest would be replaced by a good one… and it was :slight_smile: I’ll be finishing the collect gems today to fulfill the POV challenge


Best moment of the month: Being done with the PoV Platinum raid criteria so I can cup drop down to 1800 again and get the heck away from all those op heroes. See you! :wave:


Same. But I stopped at 0 trophies :sweat_smile:.

Yeah, good idea. Thank you!

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same same @Gwniver and @Nexus1254 , cup dropping can be such a relief!

and you are welcome :slight_smile: here’s to efficiently finishing the PoV challenges!


For me it was two days ago :wink:
But even with a 3* defence somehow I cannot drop much below 2400 cups :frowning:

My float range us weird too. I put in all healers and expected to drop because all you need to do is take snipers and kill each one at a time… But no… Still well around 2600 and with a free wins here and there. One guy… Lost to me 3x… Considering in getting to let people win… It was odd.

Today’s Hard Mode challenges worked out well for me, I had 3 Hard Mode to complete on S4, and I was already doing them.

Finally finished s4 hard today so that was nice

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Aww, I tend to attack and flee when I can´t /don´t want to be bothered using my Raid Flags! That´s very fast cup dropping :sweat_smile:


I´m not listening anymore… :notes:

you nailed it!


That’s a lot of nails lately. :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

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I don’t bother about the diamond tier anymore esp after this new pov came around.

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Not de coffin, but your announcement booth. :rofl::joy:

Well, at least the poison mist and season 2 stage challenges overlap!


Just during challenge fest. Ill have enough WE but lower levels wont.

yeah, also not very happy that this happened during challenge fest :frowning: but oh well…

The “no 5*” raid challenge is back… luckily my cups were low this morning and I found a fairly easy defense!