🧭 Path of Valor (PoV) [28 day long version] -- General Information & Discussion [MASTER THREAD]

Challenge name number to do Points
Defeat enemies 1 50 150
Defeat enemies 2 125 225
Gain experience 1 1000 125
Gain experience 2 2500 175
Gain experience 3 5000 300
Gain experience 4 20000 450

Let me help you fill up some others:

Challenge name number to do Points
Defeat enemies 3 250 375
Gain experience 5 40000 600

The rewards summary (I hope I haven’t missed something):

Item Free Premium
Gems 150 600
Season Coins - 300
Challenge Coins - 30
Ascension Material (rare 3*) 1 1
Ascension Material 4* 1 1
Aether I 1 8
Aether II - 5
Aether III - 1
Emblems 70 160
Epic Troop Token - 3
Epic Hero Token - 3
Loot Tickets 5 40
Trainer Heroes 1* 1 2
Trainer Heroes 2* 1 2
Trainer Heroes 3* 1 2
Trainer Heroes 4* - 2
Raid Energy Flask - 6
World Energy Flask 1 8
Harpoons 2 20
4* Crafting - 60
4* Battle Items - 30
Hunter’s Lodge Items - 40
Food 500K 3M
Iron 1,5M 1M

I don’t remember exact rewards of the last PoV (except no of coins is for sure the same). In earlier PoVs there were less emblems.


You are a hero! Thank you for sharing!


I think that the rewards are the same as per usual PoV, negligibly less in some aspects. Probably the biggest difference is less EHT compared to previous PoV. However we also get more emblems this PoV. I believe that SG noticed that players approve and buy the new PoV pass more after they impoved the rewards, and are currently running for even more revenue by effectively making players pay twice as much for PoV pass.


@Petri Sorry but both bold marked release notes regarding the PoV are a lie! I compared this PoV and the last one. On the one hand volume has changed (3 EHC less) and on the other hand nothing additional has been added → no improvement.
If this will remain the same for the next PoV, this is the last PoV my wife and I have bought (sadly we already did is this morning for this PoV).

Challenge name number to do Points
Defeat enemies 3 250 375
Defeat enemies 4 650 650
Challenge name number to do Points
Gain experience 5 40000 600
Gain experience 6 75000 850

They even removed the avatars from the bundle :neutral_face::neutral_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


@Shayze do you know exact numbers of what rewards were in the last PoV? I have only found older one in which there were definitely less emblems and there was no aether.

I think there were 3EHTs more in the last PoV, but my memories I can be wrong.

Sorry wut? They make us pay premium to get 6 ehts now, when you get 7 for the last couple of POVs with a regular pass.
I was banking on POV to get at least 7 for Kalevala. What is this?


It is greed. Plain and simple.


I was so pissed what I saw this. And yes, a 100% greed from their part


I was disappointed they claimed more improved loot.
And this is what we got.


Yeah, I think I’m skipping the VIP offer this time around. Not really worth it.


Need to reduce the price or make the loot better. Even no chance of extra chests so loot is greatly diminished.


You guys are fantastic - thank you for all the number crushing, mighty helpful :hibiscus:


If you pay, it just got a lot more expensive. The rewards improvement were a lie, indeed. But nothing we aren’t used already to.

But if you F2P, the rewards are still the same crap but you get it more frequently. Being F2P in this game is always better, specially for disappointment. :grin:

I was considering buying it when Vela’s avatar would be avaible (because they aren’t random or will end up traded for a bane plus are permanent) but since they removed the avatars too (lol)… No money from me. I’m actually thankful.


It’s true, when one doesn’t spend, then pretty much every freebie is a pleasant surprise :wink: at least I’m only spending time and not money on this loot!

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Eht tokes are really less than before, but 4* mats every 30 days / before every 50 days makes a significant change. Same thing happened to LB items.

I wouldnt mind extra 3 EHT for sure :slight_smile:


I think… pov was becoming stale… and fewer people were buying it… which is why they added better rewards and the aethers… I think… we need to not buy it… and then force the hand of SG to either improve rewards as promised or lower the price.