Path of Valor points not awarded

I completed the map stage elemental team up and never received the points. I completed other tasks in the path but this one I did not receive points for.Anyone else have this issue?

Just completed it without a problem. Used 3 green / 2 yellow and played S1-7-4.

I used 3 purple and 2 yellow. Still got no points. Not sure what is going on. I was able to complete the others.

In path of Valor Rewards I had four titans dead and killed a Titan myself credit was not posted do path of Valor no reward was issued

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Welcome to the forum can you post a screen shot of your titan pov hits.

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I did not get credit in today’s Path of Valor tasks for using a “Time Stop” when I used a “Time Freeze”. Aren’t these the same thing?

No. They’re different.

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