Path of Valor pay options missing

Just bought the 9.99 path of valor item but then want to purchase the 28.99 elite pack but it is no where to be seen in the app. How can I get to it to buy it? No links anywhere to it.

You can’t.

It literally says “you cannot change your mind later”

Always read the fine print my friend.


Dam no! I wanted to buy both.

If I had known that I would have bought the elite one.

That really sucks.

You should have made a warning pop up to tell you.

Really unhappy.

You have 2 warnings haha. One in the bottom and another when you click on info (?). Just have to wait next time.

Hola se sabe que da ese nuevo cofre con el cual reemplazaron el avatar? Y que da el cofre que da comprando el VIP

Pov gave two options this time. There was no reference to only having one or the other. I thought you could purchase both and bought the first one first. Now there’s no option for the $29.99 path. How do I get that option back?

It did say you can only choose one and once you decide there is no way of choosing the other

Yeah I did let see that at all

It was referenced during a beta build that would see 2 options for the Valor pass. You can only buy one or the other. not both. If you bought the $10 one, then the $30 option is locked until POV 10 when the options returns. It’s also the same Vice Versa. Based on points, if you purchase the $30 at the start, you’ll start working on Tier 21, instead of Tier 1.

Wasn’t privy to beta

Indeed it does say choose one, but in small print at the bottom !

Makes more sense to put if first, especially as you cannot change.

That would have been nice and stop with the fine print If it was there.

An earlier thread is already existing:

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And for the master thread, please read:

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Even after that. You compete the 3 daily challenges and you still get 0 of 6

Please notice that you collected points for the first level of this quest… Now it says “Complete daily challenges II” not “I”.


Lol did not notice that… thx

Lol. Just like clockwork.

Every. Single. Time. When. New. POV. Starts.


Sorry it was designed poorly - youve lost a 28.99 sale from me because of it……

Did anyone else purchase Elite package and not get a frame??

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