Path of Valor p2w?

I have completed all POV tasks except the summon heroes task. I am working towards level 49 of the path and a quick calculation tells me that the dailies from now till the end will not be enough to complete the path and I will not be able to complete the final summon heroes without spending money.

Is POV p2w on purpose?

Well, people prepared by hoarding silver tokens, by doing so you can easily do it without paid summons.


The whole point of the POV is to entice you to spend money, so you can complete it, done saying that.

The esier way for FTP to complete the summoning quest is by hoarding tokens before the event starts.
But as a FTP you can still make it, by doing 2 PVP and 2 Monster chest x day (if you add up the Mystic vision possible token, the Recruit’s quest possible tokens, the Titan’s/elemental’s tokens, the War chest tokens and the Challenge tokens) you can do it w/o spending money, compensating by spending lots of time.


Path of Valor is half P2W, you won’t get the better part of the reward without buying valor pass.

Summon challenge is achievable by F2P without hoarding, I am the proof.


I’ve managed to complete POV and my only financial contribution is that i have the VIP pass. I’ve also been lucky enough to get a few normal summon tokens with my chests etc however i am aware that this does not necessarily work for everyone.


Hm… I did different calculation. If you completed everything including today’s challenges, but without Summon X you must be 30 points before level 49 and 1590 to the final stage.
5 more daily challenges will give you 1875 points, which is more than enough to complete PoV.

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I am on summon IX …I will not be able to complete summon IX

Completing summon tier IX is enough to reach the final PoV milestone if you’ve fully completed all the other valor challenges, and missed very few daily challenges (3 max I believe, so 1 day’s worth). I’m doing this myself, no need to spend the silver tokens for tier X even though I have them… I’ll save them for the next one.

I completed it today.

I got five days VIP from inviting a friend and had some summons saved. Apart from that, 100% f2p.

But with five days to go, I still have 20 summons saved so I’m confident I would have finished it anyway

And I didn’t Merc titans either.


Haven’t spent anything to complete valor and really see no reason someone would have to

Good for you.

The thing is you are not to looking at the wider picture, which for context is trying to standarize a pathological consumption behaviour in the community. We are not talking about the end result on 1 person, 10 persons or any numerical unit we are talking about the end result aimed at a whole community/target group.

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Seriously the path of valor didn’t ask for anything that i wasn’t capable of doing within the first 2 months of playing

So if people that have played less than that amount of time are who you’re worried about, theyll get there

If people that choose to skip certain parts are who you’re worried about, effort should be rewarded and if they chose to skip parts of the path then the lack of rewards for them is by their own doing

Started playing 9/30, by december i was completing all 3 tiers of challenge events and killing 8* titans…it’s by no means that hard to do…

Even 300 raids is right at 6 raids a day for 30 days

Which part did you find “too tough to handle”?

Btw i was 100% f2p for roughly first 3-4 months of playing

And even know very well, players who are still f2p

@Boolz_San @FrenziedEye did you guys have to spend to complete valor or were you able to do it while carryin on your f2p style? And if you know any other f2p players, would appreciate a tag to them as well

I just can’t begin to grasp what part of this feature someone had to pay to complete…

It costs gems to kill ducks and complete world map stages? Kill titans? Raid? Use your FREE daily summon and the summons acquires from FREE chests, titans, s2 farming, event farming, costume quests, etc?


You are missing the point, which is not you or me.

I will complete the POV tomorrow and have not spend gems on Tournament retrys ever. I have been playing since July/19 and like you I had no problems finishing the legendary Challenge events (nowadays I just steamroll them, but last year I was doing them with 3.2k teams with no Proteus-Hel/Willbur shennanigans and I belive once or twice with gem resurrect) . I have a 4.150 power team for defense which is fairly good, not plagued with slow ■■■■■■ heroes, and for wars my F team has 3k power (and all my 6 teams are not set on stone, I have leveled many healers so I can at least bring 2 for the first 4 teams and 1/2 for the the last 2). I’m also FTP since the start to today. See?. It’s not about what you or me, in a vacuum can accomplish.

The proverbial “If I can do it, so can anybody else” doesnt work in real life.

The whole thing is a Carrot on a stick, trying to entice you to get the shinies that are “Oh so close to you, if only…”.

If only what?

Play the game?

If that’s askin too much of someone, candy crush is a click away…

So if you yourself are doin it for free, then yes by design of the game any other player playing for x amount of time can as well

And if they can’t, that doesn’t mean they need to spend, that means they just need a bit more time to get to the point in the game where they can accomplish such things

So by that alone, the path of valor is not “p2w” or a must spend to complete feature

Which is the question in the title of this thread, correct?

I’m Level 43 it’s gonna be close and I’m c2p summons I can beat still got 100+ tokens thanks elemental titan raid monster chests for that :thinking::wink:
Tournament is my issue need 5 more wins so I can complete that.
So no it’s not p2w really🤷‍♀️


I have completed every single task except I am only on summon IX. I will not generate enough tokens to complete that by the end. The only way I can complete is by buying gems to do summons. That makes it p2w…at least for me. I just have not generated enough tokens despite completing all events and such.

I am active …have done all the right things but have not been given enough tokens through normal game play to finish the task.

How many you short? From summons?

If that’s a common occurence then sure it should be tweaked a bit and devs are looking at doing some changes

I just truly find it hard to believe that filling 3 chests per day, killing 50 titans, farming s2 and s3, the costume quests, along with guaranteed free daily summons, completing the challenge events for summons, isn’t enough to complete it

But just because i don’t believe it, doesn’t make it impossible and I’m sure 1000s aren’t completing it in this case

Guess I’m out of the loop when it comes to those 1000s

Anyways idk why i got involved in this thread in the first place. I have no dog in the fight as pointed out above

I have no issue completing anything in this game so it’s not any of my concern

Best of luck and hope devs bend it in your favor and everyone else that wasn’t able to complete as well

Think by the time it’s all said and done, the word “challenge” should be removed from the feature’s word choices though and should just be “daily tasks” etc

I’m short 18 summons

6 days left so 6 Summons for free bring it to 12. Pretty sure I’m in the next 6 days complete chests you can get 12 sliver tokens dude that’s all I get from loot! :woman_shrugging:

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