Path of Valor or Selfishness?

I really hate this Path! To be honest, don’t judge me, not anybody should like everything in this game.

A lot of players paid for better rewards track on the Path. This is ok, but what happened to players after they realise that they can win awesome rewards? They became tremendously selfish. Suddenly there are no players who could help with titans. Everybody became a jumper who, till the last minute before war starts, go through a lot alliances to finish titans.
The same reason caused that beside some beginners, nobody joins to alliance for longer.
That’s stupid… For example my alliance needs more players because we slighty beat 6* titan and have a problem to kill 7*.

I really can’t wait, when It ends…

So your complaint is that pov makes it harder to recruit new players to your alliance?

well… you’ll have a 10 day brake and then it will start all over again…

hm… in our alliance nobody left for killing titans… we had someone joining permanently so far since pov is up… i try to motivate everybody to finish titan challenge as a team… we have 8 and 9 star titans…

so if i were you i would try to recruit and try to get stronger as team and try to be able to kill all 6* titans (you don’t need to be able to kill 7* to finish the challenge). Your team should be able to finish the tian challenge then next time i think…


Actually that would be… never?! Soon as this PoV is done, there will be a short (10 days) break and then the next PoV will start… like it or not, better get used to it…


The PoV is not for everyone so if your alliance as a whole isn’t strong enough to compete the PoV then accept it as a whole and just do what you can and fun playing the game.
If you do have bigger players that wish to or need to kill bigger * titans then let them go out and fill their challenges in-between titans and just be a decent alliance about it that they want to return home.

As the leader and understanding how things work I actually gave my alliance members that option to leave and chase titans if they felt the need to as long they where back in time for the next titan and wars. And guess what? all 7 or 8 that left, did their thing and All of them where back in time as requested, no issues what so ever.

As for mecrs comi g and going, accept them with open arms, invite them to your line app if you have it and they will return to help you in the future as you grow, they are a necessity in this game so appreciate them.

There is nothing selfish in your problems just how you choose to see the situation and react to it.


Yeah had issues with that! As some people turn up thinking to merc :woman_shrugging:
My boss is queen of GC haha and knows what’s she putting in chat to recruit!
Had some dude like level 23 yeah I’m a merc haha :joy: Yeah take a shot at our titan you prob won’t make a dent it good luck! :+1:

They still got credit, so that’s good. Mercs were really helpful. We often started the next titan with a few extra flags due to mercs. They’re still operating today, even though I expect mercs already fulfilled the challenge. One of mercs today was from a merc alliance. I also got to help a few times, although I understand those people not wanting to give up their 500d in alliance standing.

Iv used mercs before I have no problem with them! :+1:
My point is trying to recruit normal players has been an issue since POV.

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